Top Tips to Getting the Perfect Wakeboard

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A time will come when you become interested in learning new things, especially when a pandemic makes people stay at home for almost the entire day. However, governments have eased their lockdowns to let people get fresh air while enforcing different health procedures like social distancing. 

Out of the many exciting things to do, people are interested in wakeboards because you are out in the sea without contacting too many people. However, wakeboarding is not complete when you do not have the right wakeboard to use, so you must remember several helpful tips to let you purchase the perfect one the first time. 

Tip #1: Check the Skill Label

When you purchase your wakeboard, make sure that the first thing you check is the skill label. You should know that there are at least three skill levels for a wakeboard: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. And the skill level will help you become comfortable once you start riding it. 

There were many instances when beginners would choose a higher wakeboard skill level, and they end up thinking that they are not improving. A beginner’s wakeboard is designed to assist people and prevent them from falling over too fast, while an advanced wakeboard gives the rider more freedom to do tricks.

Tip #2: Choosing the Right Wakeboard Size

The next tip when choosing a wakeboard is knowing the size that fits your body perfectly. Usually, choosing a smaller sized wakeboard can make you sink, while a larger-sized one will be difficult to control once you are in the water. Fortunately, wakeboard manufacturers usually provide a sizing chart that will help you determine the right wakeboard size to bodyweight ratio. 

Tip #2: Know the Wakeboard’s Internals

You can find that most wakeboards are built from fiberglass wrappers around using either a wood or foam core. So if you want something light, cheap, and durable, you are better off getting a wakeboard made from foam. But if you want something more durable but with more flexibility, you can try to look for ones built from wood. 

Each wakeboard material has a different feel and can make a massive difference once you ride it on the waters. And suppose you want to go for something more experimental. In that case, you can find a wakeboard made from graphite material, which is twice as durable yet flexible as the other two materials mentioned above. 

Tip #3: Choosing the Rockers and Fin

“Rockers” is the amount of bend you see on a wakeboard’s profile, and you can determine it by its two categories: three-stage and continuous. A three-stage rocker has two different bends that most people describe, almost like a skateboard. In contrast, the continuous rocker provides predictable performance with an even curve from tip to tail. 

As for the fins, you need them to help you rotate your wakeboard to whichever direction you want it to go. Many wakeboard fins to choose from, like deeper fins, are the best ones for beginner wakeboards. And if you want an advanced wakeboard, you need to choose one with a shallower fin that is usually removable. 

Many beginner wakeboarders became pros because they chose the right starter board. Ensure you keep in mind the choosing tips mentioned above if you want to get your first wakeboard that will not become too daunting to learn.