Top Reasons Why Choosing Fair Trade Chocolate Makes a Difference

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“I don’t know why but every time I munch on a chocolate bar, I can’t help myself to get another one. What’s even more fascinating is that even when I’m already an adult (I hate to admit that), chocolates never fail to bring out that inner child in me,” says Max Funding’s spokesperson and small business lender Shane Perry

In watching documentaries on how chocolates are made, you usually follow through a series of procedures. It starts with the main ingredient—cocoa, which is harvested, fermented, and dried – all ready for tedious machinery processes. The chocolates produced from these processes are what we call Fair Trade Chocolates. 

To get a deeper understanding of Fair Trade Chocolates, let’s first dive into what’s fair trade.

What Is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a global arrangement that helps our producers and farmers maintain equitable and sustainable raw products such as cocoa, sugar, coffee, cotton, and tea. The system is organised by various international fair trade certifiers, which ensure our farmers are adequately compensated.

So when you’re a certified chocolate lover, here are the top reasons why choosing Fair Trade Chocolates makes a difference. 

You’re Helping The Farmers And Producers

Cocoa farmers and producers are the behind the scene players in filling our world with chocolates. They take care of propagating millions of cocoa trees which are difficult to grow in the first place. They tend the plants, cultivate them and harvest the seeds for chocolate manufacturers. However, our hard labourers in some remote areas are exploited for profit because of its rapidly growing trade. 

This is the bitter reality on the other side of our sweet chocolate industry. But, don’t lose faith in humanity just yet! Because the good news is you can make a difference by patronising fair trade chocolates.

You’re Supporting  Economic, Social, And Environmental Sustainability

supporting fair trade products also stabilizes the global economy.  Cocoa farmers are powerless in the face of the free market. If left unchecked, our farmers wouldn’t know corporations are exploiting them with complete control of negotiations. One of the central principles of fair trading is setting up the minimum prices the farmers must receive in transactions.

Also, Fairtrade farmers are working side by side with cooperatives and organisations that make sure every transaction is justified. They have constant communication with each other creating healthier and supportive social circles for the good of everyone. 

Moreover, Fair  Trade farmers have access to agricultural programs pioneered by leading environment-friendly organizations. That simply means that every product is natural, chemical-free, and the process, from planting to harvesting, is environment-friendly.

You Perpetuate The Most Genuine Taste Of Chocolate

Chocolate manufacturers like Chuao Chocolatier work with farmers and producers who advocate community and sustainability in every process. Every ingredient is carefully selected to pass the minimum standards of yielding high-quality chocolates. Thus, the end product? The most exquisite, mouth-melting, rich, and savoury, chocolates that you crave.

Fair Trade Chocolates Are Best At  Chuao Chocolatier

Every chocolate is crafted with a heart. In buying Fair Trade Chocolates, you take part in perpetuating the original purpose of chocolate: bringing joy to everyone. And by everyone, we mean not only those consuming it but also the individuals who drop sweat and tears to gather the core ingredients of your cravings.

So from this day forward, choose to share the love and look for Fair Trade Chocolates whenever you crave one.