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Knock, knock, knock! Hello, you! Do you know how to woo the woman of your dreams? Give her some lovely flowers. Yes, that’s it! Because flowers are one of God’s most beautiful creations, they make a timeless present for various events. We’re sure you’ve questioned at some time, “why offer flowers to a woman?” What are these colourful tiny buds that make them the most desired present? What’s not to enjoy about its lovely appearance, natural aroma, and touching symbolism? Flowers have long been used to communicate love and other wonderful sentiments around the globe. You may select to present flowers both online by looking for florists for online mother day flower delivery in Mumbai and offline, such as some stunning flower bouquets, floral boxes, 


As we all know very well, a red rose is a sign of pure love, and we can easily give it. It will be worth it because most of the girls or ladies love to see a bunch of red roses. The red colour is also attractive and the best way to show your love towards her. The perfect time for gifting this red rose is on valentine’s day, to shower your love, respect and affection towards her. The roses come in many colours, but the red rose is a sign of everlasting love. They have a solid foundation in human minds and emotions. That’s how their attractiveness and look captivated us. Roses are as adaptable as fragrant, and they may be used in bouquets for any occasion. So, what are you holding out for? Send these aromatic blossoms to someone you care about. You can get other interesting flower gift alternatives by looking for florists to send flowers to Mumbai.


Tulips come in various colours, red,  pink, yellow, purple and white. The tulips look beautiful because they have a variety of colours. We know the red tulip is the sign of love and the white tulip is the sign of apology. So basically, we can give it according to the partner’s mood. The best time for gifting these tulips is on your anniversary time to make your partner feel special. Tulips are most well-known in Holland, where they are intensively planted to blanket fields with beautiful colours throughout the spring season. Tulips have also been a symbol of philanthropy since the Victorian era. You may, however, get some lovely tulips online.


These flowers are very attractive. The colour of the flower is a light violet shade. The green leaves and the violet shade of the flowers look marvellous, and it is quite enough to impress your soulmate. Gifting this flower for young or new love will be the correct choice. The magenta colour of this flower symbolises a strong bond or immense love with your partner.


These colours are generally deep red or pink. These flowers are generally a perfect choice for couples who have been together for many years. To prove that the bond is permanent, this would be an intelligent choice for your girl. These flowers are very popular in Japan and China. To make your partner feel the word “together forever”, Camellia will be an excellent choice. 


Orchids are more delicate and exotic flowers than other types of flowers. While the flowers fade, the plant goes into dormancy and can rebloom with sufficient care and attention.

Meaning: They have also come to symbolise luxury since the 1800s. There are several sorts and hues to select from, including nearly every rainbow colour, which represents luck, hope, and love. Special Occasion: The orchid is ideal for a birthday or Valentine’s Day gift.

“You are delicate, gorgeous, and precious, exactly like these orchids; they reminded me of you.”


Daisy’s colourful and joyful character has led to its adoption as a symbol of purity and innocence, from Celtic mythology. According to tradition, God would sprinkle daisies across the world to console grieving parents. They were used to treat stomach aches by noblemen. This is most likely why daisies are frequently offered to ill people. A bouquet of fresh and vibrantly coloured daisies, on the other hand, is renowned for setting the mood. They can be presented to cheer someone up or brighten their day.

Gerbera Daisy blossoms are well-known as emblems of beauty, innocence, and purity. These enormous daisy varieties are available in various colourful hues, and gifting them to loved ones is an excellent way to brighten someone’s day.

Finally, as we come to the end of this article, you might probably now know what to give the love of your life. Send her some flowers online or give her a surprise by visiting her and gifting the flowers & best blog website. Even if you are abroad like the states, try looking for options to send flowers to India from the USA and cheer up your lady love.