Coffee Shops in Santa Monica

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Santa Monica

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Coffee shops are a big part of LA culture, and the beachfront city of Santa Monica is no exception. These cozy cafes are a great place to work, relax, or hang out with friends.

In a daylight-rich, quaint minimalistic space underscored by warm maple tones and some cool reflective honeycomb tiles wrapped around the counter, Love Coffee Bar is one of the cutest Coffee shops santa monica. Their coffee menu is fairly basic, but they also have a wide selection of baked treats.

Goodboybob Coffee Roasters

Located in Santa Monica, Goodboybob Coffee Roasters is a coffee shop that offers a variety of beverages including oat milk lattes, cold-brew coffee, and nitro coffee. It also serves brunch and lunch items such as artisan avo toast, croissants, and chapatis. Guests can also order cocktails and wine.

The cafe is the brainchild of Tool of North America production company founder Erich Joiner, who wanted to create a space for creative connection and culture. The Manhattan Beach location, which opens this weekend, is the third Goodboybob and will offer a full beverage menu as well as food from breakfast through dinner.

Tyler Wells (Nice Coffee) consulted on the project and helped bring Joiner’s vision to life. The team is rounded out by Ryan Fisher (Commonwealth Coffee Roasters, Progress Coffee) who runs the coffee program and will be the day-to-day operator. The shop uses Gjusta bread and Sugarbloom pastries and is staffed by a friendly staff.

Love Coffee Bar

Love Coffee Bar is a cozy coffee shop in Santa Monica that offers top-notch espresso drinks and desserts. It also serves breakfast dishes and lunch items. The staff is very friendly and helpful, making it a great place to visit with friends or coworkers. The place is very comfortable, with a lot of seating and free wifi.

It was founded by a group of local business people and volunteers, and it’s now one of the most popular coffee shops in Santa Monica. The shop features a wide range of products, including baked goods, juices, and smoothies. It also has a large backyard patio, which is dog-friendly and perfect for working outdoors.

This unique cafe in Santa Monica has a mission to hire foster youth and spread kindness in the community. Its bright oasis is accentuated by creative artwork and colorful chesterfields, and it has a high wood-vaulted ceiling. The menu includes a variety of drinks, including the Santa Monica Fog, which is a combination of decaf peppermint tea, rosemary simple syrup, and steamed oat milk.

La Monarca Bakery

La Monarca Bakery in Santa Monica offers a variety of Mexican food. They are known for their fresh pan dulce and their cakes and desserts. They also serve coffee and other drinks. The prices at this restaurant are low. This is a great place to take the family for a meal.

The Monterrey, Mexico-born owners of this chain have brought cakes and pastries with authentic flavors to Los Angeles. This corner shop, a sunny spot by Metro train tracks and a metal sculpture that echoes the figure on Walk/Don’t Walk signs, is their first Westside branch. Inside, there are pale woods and warm colors, contemporary lighting juxtaposed with a traditional crystal chandelier, and enticing cases of pastries.

In addition to their traditional Mexican pan dulce, the bakery-cafe serves cafe Oaxaca brewed with organic beans, and a rich Mexican hot chocolate. Champurrado, a masa-thickened hot cocoa with sweetened condensed milk, is another good choice. The buttery, flaky orejas are a favorite, as are the guayaba turnovers and bunuelos stuffed with ham, cheese, and jalapeno.

Primo Passo Coffee

In this cozy corner shop, you’ll find soft brown leather couches and geometric chairs that have the feeling of an extension office in a tech start-up. It’s the same kind of vibe that attracted owners Kara and Stewart to each other, 17 years ago. By forging unique relationships with growers and importers, Goodboy Bob is able to consistently feature Mother Earth’s rarest coffees.

The white-marble-graced java sanctuary on Montana Avenue is a hive of activity for locals and tourists alike, all hoping to get work done in the shaded sidewalk seating. Caffee Luxxe serves complete breakfast dishes if you’re able to spare the time to sit, or you can take your order to go.

Affectionately nicknamed “Dogtown,” this relic from 70s skate culture evokes the spirit of its former residents with retro furniture and a menu of micro-roasted coffee, health-conscious drinks, and smoothies.