10 Website Builder 2023

Top 10 Website Builder 2023- The Best Website Builder of 2023

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Whether you’re a small business owner, artist, photographer, writer, or consultant, you need a professional-looking and user-friendly website to present your products and services online. Gone are the days when you need a professional coder to create a website for yourself or your business.

Many website builders available online can help you create your professional and user-friendly website. This website builder can help you quickly and easily create your own sleek, polished site to take your business and brand to the next level.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best website builders you can use to create your website without the help of any professional coders.

10 Best Website Builders of 2023

1.   Fynd Platform- Best For Building an eCommerce Website

Fynd Platform is a multi-tech platform company that is helping retail businesses to accelerate their growth by building a creative and user-friendly eCommerce website. It allows you to build your eCommerce website with ultimate features, including unlimited products, inbuilt payment gateway options, and in-house delivery partners.

You will get easy-to-use design tools and professional themes to build responsive websites and mobile apps. You can easily list your products on leading eCommerce stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Tata Cliq, and Fynd in a single click.


  • Unlimited Products
  • Inbuilt Payment gateway options
  • Inhouse delivery partner
  • 1000+ template designs
  • User-friendly
  • Best for building an eCommerce websites


  • Standard Plan- Rs. 7,199/year
  • Professional Plan- Rs. 17,999/year
  • Premium Plan – Rs. 29,999/year

2.  Wix- Best All-Round Website Builder

In the race for website builder excellence, Wix is undoubtedly in the lead. With more than 110 million websites built, it dominates the market. This well-known website builder also claims the most tools, options, and flexibility.

A free website startup site with ads can be created by website owners using the basic Wix free website builder plan.

 You can pay for a premium, ad-free site if you like what you see when using the free website builder. Wix offers a range of ease-of-use options, from its AI-powered automatic website creator (“Wix ADI”) to its open development platform (“Wix Corvid”), which supports more complex applications like Javascript, databases, and data-driven dynamic pages.


  • Easiest to use
  • 800+ template designs
  • Most popular in testing


  • Combo Plan – $16 per month
  • Business VIP- $59 per month

3.  Squarespace- Best Template Designs

Squarespace is an advanced website builder with a lot to offer businesses and creatives. Even if it’s not the simplest builder available, it won’t take long to get used to; it just takes a bit more effort and effort than Wix. The Squarespace editor is less user-friendly than Wix and Fynd, so it will take some practice to master it.

The universal style editor and powerful photo editing are beneficial, and many add-ons, website templates, and tools are available.


  • Best website designs
  • Excellent in-built features and UX
  • Great blogging features
  • Ideal for creatives


  • Personal Plan- $16 per month
  • Business Plan- $23 per month
  • Online Store Plan- between $29 and $49 a month

4.  GoDaddy- Best Fast website creating and publishing

GoDaddy is the fastest website builder overall and has a highly user-friendly interface.

Additionally, the value is excellent. GoDaddy makes it simpler than ever with its design assistance. Simply enter your information, and GoDaddy will create a customised website for you to edit.

A very clear and quick building process is made possible by simple layouts and instructions for adding elements to your site. Despite its speed and simplicity, GoDaddy’s ideal for creating powerful or comprehensive websites.


  • The fastest way to create a website
  • You can switch templates at any time
  • Good for basic sites


  • Basic Plan- $12 per month
  • Extended support- $22 per month
  • eCommerce plan – $25 per month

5.  Shopify – Best For Selling 10+ Products Online

Shopify supports business owners throughout the process with its e-commerce tools and provides an easy and user-friendly solution to build an online store for selling goods and services. For most “e-tailers,” Shopify is a secure place to start; however, like Wix, it doesn’t imply it’s ideal in every circumstance.

Like most other enterprise builders, Shopify’s platform is centred on your sales and product information. As it walks you through inventory, customer information, tax, and shipping rates.


  • Strong suite of sales features
  • Good for multichannel integration
  • Offer a Huge app store


  • Basic Plan- $29 per month
  • Standard Plan- $79 per month
  • Advanced Plan- $299 per month

6.  Weebly – Best for beginners and Small businesses,

Weebly is a simple website builder, but it offers many strong features, particularly for blogging and e-commerce. One of the simplest website builder alternatives, the editor still produces beautiful websites despite having a low learning curve. Because of its simplicity, the editor has fewer add-ons and design possibilities and lacks the variety of choices or mobile customisation that a builder like Fynd Platform offers.


  • Offers built-in SEO guides
  • Have a large app store
  • Best features for growth


  • Free Plan option- $6 per month
  • Personal Plan- $9 per month
  • Professional plan- $16 per month
  • Advanced Plan- $29 per month

7.  Zyro- Best For Those On a Limited Budget

Zyro is a user-friendly website builder with attractive, tidy designs. It doesn’t have as many features as a top builder, but the ones it does have are quite high-quality. Zyro looks like a “little Wix” in many ways.

It is less expensive than our top option for a website builder, especially now that Hostinger, one of the most reasonably priced hosting providers, has acquired it. Zyro enables you to add a blog to your website, which is fantastic but lacks search, archive, and commenting tools.


  • The best budget-friendly platform for beginners
  • Offers Ultra-flexible template editors
  • Excellent add-on functionalities


  • Basic Plan- Rs. 135 per month
  • Business Plan- Rs. 255 per month

8.  Jimdo – Best value for money

Jimdo is a simple website builder that makes basic web pages rather than anything complex or fancy. While it has fewer features and customisation options than many of the competition, it makes up for this with excellent usability. Jimdo includes every essential element you require to create your website. However, if you want the ability to modify, customise, or design anything more sophisticated, the builder will start to seem quite constricting very quickly.


  • Lowest-cost ad-free plans
  • Sell up to five items for free.
  • Dolphin and Jimdo Creator choices


  • Basic Plan- $9 per month
  • Grow Plan- $15 per month

9.  Duda- Best For Web Design

With over 15 million websites created, Duda is a smaller player than the other website builders mentioned above. It specialises in a particular market sector: designers and design businesses. It serves individuals and businesses who produce many websites. Still, because of its robust and user-friendly builder and an assortment of special offers, it has emerged as a reliable option for anyone looking to construct a presence online.


  • Industry-specific, feature-rich designs
  • fantastic internal widgets and applications
  • Excellent value when developing numerous sites


  • Basic Plan- $14 per month
  • Advanced Plan- $22 per month
  • Agency Plan- $44 per month

10.                WordPress.com- Best for Content and blog publishing.

Most people refer to WordPress as the free, open-source program that can be downloaded at WordPress.org. That is incredibly effective, but it requires some learning time and still necessitates locating a website server and domain name. We suggest reading a lesson or guide if you’re interested in using WordPress.org’s advanced features.


  • Best for blogs
  • Budget-friendly prices
  • Customized with code
  • Thousands of plugins to add


  • Plans ranging from- $4 to $45 per month

Comparison Table of The Top Best Website Builders

NamesOverall RatingBest ForStarting FromFree plan or free trialNumber of TemplatesFree Custom Domain
Fynd Platform4.9/5Building eCommerce websites$730 days100+yes
Wix4.8/5Best overall website builder$16Free plan800+yes
Squarespace4.7/5Best for creatives and quality designs$1614-day free trial100+yes
GoDaddy4.4/5Best for creating a site fast$9.991 month free trial100+no
Shopify4.1/5Best for selling 10+ products online$29Free trial86no
Weebly4.0/5Best for its generous free plan$6Free plan50+yes
Zyro3.9/5Best for those on a limited budget$11.99no120+yes
Jimbo3.6/5Best value for money$9Free plan15+yes
Duda3.6/5Best for pure, polished web design$1414 day free plan90+no
WordPress3.5/5Best for blogging and content publishing$4Free plan150+yes


Each website builder on our list has unique strengths, as you can see from the list. Whether you want a modern, elegant website, excellent value, or even assistance, there is a builder for you.

Overall, Fynd Platform emerged as the top website builder from our analysis. It allows you to build your eCommerce website with ultimate features, including unlimited products, inbuilt payment gateway options, and in-house delivery partners.