Tips to prepare your child for fancy dress competition

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Fancy dress competition is one of the exciting game plans for the kids. It is important for kids to prepare for the competition enthusiastically. When your precious child is so excited about the event it is your responsibility to conduct them without any problem. It is easier to prepare for the competition with a parent by their side. Although it is an exciting and fun event the amount of nervousness is high as well. If you are looking for costumes visit Blossom Costumes. All kids want to win the competition but the year all some good tips that can help a parent to prepare them for the competition easily

Fancy dress is about ideas

Fancy dress competitions are not designed to portray a good costume but the way a child carries themselves in the character matters most. The idea of dress should be properly imbibed in the child’s mind. Make sure to create some dialogue with the costume to make it more effective.

Have a unique costume that matches your child

It is necessary for a costume to match the personality and ethics of a person. You should always choose a costume which has it will help you to get the best out of them. It will also help them to understand themselves better and motivate them to work for the betterment of their personality. Choosing a positive character will definitely influence their mindset and change the way they thinking

DIY props and accessories

Making your own accessories and props is a good idea to have a unique costume that will bring out the element of creativity. It will add value to the costume and create a memory of them. You can design the jewellery of characters or other small props. In this process, you will also refine their art and craft skills. This is also a great time for kids to relax from their routine of studying and focus on something to increase their artistic minds.

Put on the right makeup

Makeup is an important component to look like a certain character or thing. When you plan the costume make sure to think about the makeup. The makeup should be skin-friendly and lead-free to protect the scan of children. The makeup should not be too much or too less but optimum according to the costume. If you are worried about face makeup then you can go for a mask or make one according to your preference.

Rehearse and boost morale

It is important to boost the morale of your kid which is possible by gaining confidence. In order to gain confidence for a costume they should rehearse all their lines and put up their confident stance. You can motivate them to boost their morale by building an environment at home.


Fancy dress competitions give a chance for kids to connect with their parents through creative mode. In the plenty of costumes make sure to come up with original ideas and involve your child in the process.