Tips on How Text Marketing Can Help in Location Based Promotion in Canada

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Location-based marketing is an exciting, new way to engage customers in a specific area. It’s a strategy that targets customers based on where they are in real time. If you’re looking for ways to expand your business and increase customer engagement, read on to learn how text marketing canada can help in Location Based Promotion.

This guide will teach you how location-based marketing works as well as six ways that text messages can help you achieve your goals. You’ll also find tips on how to create the right messaging and tools for success.

Overview of Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing is a strategy that targets customers based on where they are in real time. This means that the customer can be reached with messages at the right time and place to help them with their needs. According to Forrester Research, 89% of marketers believe online channels have an impact on offline sales. Location-based marketing can be an excellent way to reach your target audience when they’re most receptive.

How Text Can Help You to Achieve Your Goals

Text marketing is a great way to reach customers and grow your business. It the perfect way to connect with clients or remind them of your offer. Text messages are an effective tool because they’re easy and fast. They’re also good for engaging with customers who have already made a purchase, too. Plus, text messages can be personalized, so you can add in a friendly touch for your customers.

Just think about the benefits of being able to send text messages at any time of day! There’s no need to wait for a customer service desk to open. You could potentially even use it as a proactive measure by sending out one-time codes that expire after 24 hours.

6 Ways Text Can Help Location-based Marketing

1) Texts are cost-effective. Text marketing is an affordable way to reach a wide range of customers. You can send a text message to all the customers in your database or specific segments of your customer base without breaking the bank. The average cost per text message is just a few cents!

2) You can stay connected with your customers. Texting allows you to stay in contact with your customers so that they never forget about you, even when you’re not actively marketing to them. Customers may not be ready to purchase yet, but by staying in touch with them via texts, you will eventually convert some of those leads into paying customers – it’s worth the initial investment!

3) Messages are easy and quick to read. Just like social media, people don’t have time for long emails and text messages are short and simple. It’s easy for people to text back and forth quickly and get right down to business.

4) Texts highlight urgency and immediacy around Location Based Promotion. If you have a promotion coming up soon or want people to take action right away, send a text message out telling them about it – they’ll respond more favorably than if you sent an email or call them up on the phone.

5) Location Based Promotion reminders can help boost sales. If there’s something happening at your store that you want people to come out for, remind them by sending a reminder text before the event starts (like an upcoming sale).

Where customers are in real time

Location-based marketing is the act of targeting customers based on where they are in real time. For example, an ecommerce company might send a text message to someone who recently ordered a product and tell them that it is available for pickup at their nearest location. This type of marketing has been shown to be effective, with customers preferring this type of communication over other forms of engagement.

When customers are out of the store

There are many times when your customers are not in the store but they still need help. Imagine that you have a retail store and it’s the middle of winter. You probably have customers who drive in from the suburbs to shop at your store. It may be snowing outside, but they want to get their shopping done quickly so they can get back home. There are also customers who might live close by, but can’t make it into your store during the week because of work or other obligations. Maybe you’re a restaurant with an office nearby and you know there are people in that office who need lunch. Text marketing lets you reach out to these individuals and offer them a coupon for an item on your menu or give them information about one of your upcoming events even if they aren’t in your store. With text marketing, you don’t miss these opportunities!

Showing deals and offers to customers

“In-app” offers are a good way to show deals and offers to customers in their area. If you have an app that is popular in your locality, then this is an excellent way to promote it while also getting the word out about your business. The best part? You can make these “in-app” offers available to all of the people who downloaded your app, or only those who are currently in a specific geographic area. That will help you give them more relevant offers.

Building customer loyalty through text

Text marketing is a powerful way to interact with your customers on a personal level. It can be as simple as sending them daily reminders about your products or services. Or, you might want to send them an offer when they’re near one of your stores. Regardless, text marketing is a valuable tool for building customer loyalty and establishing yourself as an authoritative voice in the mobile world.


Location Based Promotion is one of the hottest marketing tools to reach customers where they spend their time and money. Text Marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach these customers, and it’s not difficult to set up. The key is to make sure your text message is personalized and offer relevant offers to your customers.