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The Garden is a place where we all love to spend our time relaxing. Whether the barbecue party or soaking up the sun on benches, all the activities revolve around our garden furniture. This results in the dullness of furniture and requires a good cleaning. The cleaning f garden furniture should be done often, it increases its durability as well as increase its beauty. The maintenance of the garden furniture items is not that much difficult just a little effort is all that is required.

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Since there is garden furniture of different materials so each one demands a different type of cleaning. So, always consult the best care options from the manufacturers. Here, we share some amazing tips for maintaining garden furniture of different types. So, let’s get started.

1. How to Maintain Rattan Furniture?

We use rattan furniture items in the form of garden sofas, egg chairs, and tables. The cleaning of rattan furniture is relatively very easy. Take a soft cloth, apply a warm soapy wash on it and wipe over the furniture. You can use the service tool or brush to clean the garden debris. After cleaning, leave the furniture in the open air to dry perfectly.

2. How to Maintain Wooden Furniture?

Garden wooden furniture is rustic, natural, and full of charm. The wooden furniture can be cleaned with soap and water scrub. You can also use teak oil for brightening up it more. If you don’t so clean often of your wooden furniture, you should do it at least once a year.

3. How to Maintain Metal Furniture

Usually, the metal furniture changes its color with time. The cleaning of metal furniture needs a non-abrasive cleaning cloth and some hot, soapy water. To deal with rust, use the steel wool and rub it gently then, use exterior paint of similar color. Try to avoid ammonia-based cleaners to avoid oxidization. You can also apply the car wax after you are done with cleaning, it makes the furniture water resistant. Sometimes, oiling may be needed at joints for free movements. For maintaining the original color, try to cover it during harsh conditions and clean it regularly.

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4. How to Maintain Plastic Furniture?

Plastic furniture items are easy to maintain; just regular cleaning with soapy water and a soft cloth to make it look like new. A soft cloth is the best choice for cleaning to prevent scratches. Chlorine-based cleaners and bleach is a big no for plastic furniture.

By following these maintenance tips for garden furniture, you can increase the functionality of your furniture as well as complement its beauty. It’s very important to know the type of your furniture and then clean according to that. Wood, metal, and rattan furniture items, all are very easy to clean and maintain. With just a little effort and care, you can last it a long way.