erectile dysfunction

Tips for Coping with Erectile Dysfunction:

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Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection, in response to a sexual stimulus. The incidence of erectile dysfunction is increasing with older men affected the most but it also affects men in the early ’30s. For erectile dysfunction in older men, the causes are clear and most of them include underlying systemic pathologies but in the early ages, the main reason for erectile dysfunction is somewhat physical and psychological.

Medical management of erectile dysfunction:

The commonly used class of drugs is the PDE-5 inhibitors that include Viagra, Kamagra Jelly, Levitra, and some other drugs but another type of drugs called the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) can also help. Priligy 60mg is an SSRI drug used for treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It is available online on our website. 

Non-pharmacological treatment for erectile dysfunction:

 Having erectile dysfunction at any age needs counseling and guidance along with medical treatment.

  1. Don’t hide: The first thing you need to change about erectile dysfunction is your secretive behavior. Men who start suffering from the dysfunction prefer not to discuss it with their spouse and end up worsening the condition. Open and honest communication with your partner is the key to solving every problem related to your intimate life and instead of finding ways to hide you need to find a way to treat the condition. The key to a better understanding and early diagnosis is open communication. 
  2. Don’t overthink: If you once experienced a failed erection and now you are constantly thinking about that instinct, you won’t be able to obtain a healthy erection. The overthinking increases your anxiety about the condition and you are unable to concentrate on the pleasure, rather you focus on the fear of failure. Think the other way round, intimacy is not about achieving a goal of winning the moment, it’s about living the moment and staying in the present. You need to calm down, relax your muscles and think of the pleasure, not the past failure. As your boy needs to be relaxed to increase the blood supply to the genital for an erection. 
  3. Wait for it: If you are already getting treatment for erectile dysfunction and are not satisfied with the result, you need to be patient to see the effect of treatment. As some treatments work gradually and slowly to resolve the underlying cause rather than giving you an abrupt boost. The treatment you are trying may not be the right one for you so you should also try different treatments for erectile dysfunction as the condition comes with different causes in everyone. Just don’t be discouraged and wait for the right treatment and right time.
  4. Stress management: A negative mental state and psychological burden can increase your chances of occasional erectile dysfunction because the release of stress hormone can cause a loss of interest in intimate activities. Moreover, stress and depression increase the feeling of physical fatigue and can make erectile dysfunction worse.
  5. Avoiding fantasy: Watching pornography can build an unreal image of pleasure and intimate relationships, that can desensitize your feeling about reality. It builds false expectations contributing to an inability to feel pleasure to the extent as shown in the videos. To enjoy a healthy erection and resolve the intimate relationship with your partner you need to stop watching porn to re-sensitize your expectations and have a real-life experience.
  6. Consult a doctor: Just like every health condition you need to consult a doctor for treating erectile dysfunction. The problem with men is that they do not disclose their sexual problems in front of their physicians because of the fear of embarrassment and this attitude needs to be changed. As you discuss your health concerns with an expert you come closer to an early diagnosis and effective treatment. The general physician will evaluate your general health status and refer you to a specialist doctor for the further treatment depending on the condition you are suffering from. 

Counselling: Talking to a professional mental health therapist can improve your condition as speaking about your problems resolve half of the anxiety and depression associated with erectile dysfunction. It helps build confidence to follow the treatment protocols and to discuss the matter openly with your partner as well. Psychological counseling also helps reduce performance anxiety and the tips can help you look at the problem from a wide perspective.