The World Registry Of Hotels Review

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Hotels have long been popular accommodations. They vary greatly in both design and amenities offered. Although most hotels do not offer a free stay option, many hotels provide a welcome drink or coffee upon request and often provide a mini-tour of the hotel grounds while guests are visiting. Many hotels have restaurants or eateries on their premises, making it possible to eat a nice meal in a public setting while relaxing in a hotel room. The availability of these services depends largely on the hotel and the popularity of the area it is located in.

Hotels are businesses, just like any other business. Their success is measured by the number of guests they can attract and the revenue they generate over the year. A hotel is an establishment that offers paid accommodations temporarily. Many facilities offered inside a hotel room can range from a basic, small mattress in a very small room to big, suite-style suites with more space. Some hotels even have in-room internet access, private showers, gyms, pools, and in-house restaurants.

Most hotels provide a first-class customer service experience, though there is a wide range of opinions regarding the quality of this service. Some guests say that their personal experience in hotels is that they have waited too long for a bed, go to the front desk too long without being told that the room is fully booked, received the wrong type of room temperature, or have been given instructions that they cannot watch television in the specific room that they are sleeping in. Some guests give the hotel high ratings for cleanliness and hospitality but point out that they have only stayed in hotels that meet these standards. Amenities are not as important to customers as clean rooms and reliable service, so customers may not give the hotel high marks for those factors.

As far as cleanings go, most major hotels are committed to keeping their guest rooms clean. All of the hotels that the PRH World Registry lists have been independently evaluated to ensure that they meet acceptable standards. Some of the better-known names on the list include the Fairfield Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn Express, Best Western Seven seas, Comfort Inn Grand Canal Inn, Days Inn Norfolk, The Omni, and Marina and Camden downtown hotels. Hampton Inn & Suites by the Bay, Shortlands Hotel and Marina, and the Westgate Hotel have also had positive reviews.

Guest rooms are usually equipped with linens and towels. There may be a television in the room for when guests are watching television. Most hotels offer hot and cold water in the bathroom, cable TV, and air conditioning if it is needed. Hotels that offer room service also typically have coffee and snack bars in the guest rooms.

Every guest room should be cleaned, dust-proofed, and sanitized. Front desks must be stocked with money and traveler’s checks. At the front desk, there should be a desk attendant who can handle any questions or concerns the guests might have. All of the hotels on the PRH World Registry list have these requirements and several additional cleaning services for the convenience of their guests.

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