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Our people decided to respond to Western developers by launching The Survivor: Rusty Forest project. The main advantage is that the game is currently based on mobile platforms. It’s safe to say that this is portable Rust. Now the game is trying to break into the wilds of Steam Early Access through Green Light.

Well, since the game is currently available only on mobile platforms, let’s consider it, perhaps.

There is already a lot in The Survivor: Rusty Forest: you need to eat, defend yourself from predatory animals and zombies, and beware of radiation. The game has a building system, completely adopted from Rust, which is a plus. After all, she was quite comfortable. There is also crafting, and quite extensive, there are stone and iron tools that can break as you use them.

There are fires, a stove, a workbench, and everyone is responsible for what they must. Fire is needed for frying food, which, by the way, spoils, both raw and cooked. The furnace is responsible for melting metal, which, of course, still needs to be mined. A workbench is needed for crafting various building elements: foundations or walls.

Separately, I would like to highlight the game card. It is quite small but randomly generated. And various buildings are formed on it in the form of water towers, simple towers that you can climb on, as well as houses with loot. All the things that are lying on the map can be crafted, but the same revolver is much easier to find. So far, there is no bow, instead, there is a revolver.

In the world of “The Survivor” (namely, as the creators of the game call their virtual world), in addition to zombies, ordinary animals, both predatory and seemingly peaceful, will pose a danger. The wolf and bear will start attacking you as soon as you are in a certain field of view. The boar won’t touch you until you touch it. And the deer will run away from you in any case. From them, you will naturally get the food you need to survive.

Stone, iron, and sulfur can be mined

You have to do this from every stone sticking out of the ground, which distinguishes the game from the aforementioned Rust because it is much more convenient. You can just settle near a huge rock. But it is worth remembering that tools tend to break, so you will not be allowed to get high forever. The tree is mined according to the standard, you just need to go up and beat it, but to get wood you will have to cut down the whole tree. There are already many building elements in the game, such as a foundation, a wall, a doorway, a wall with a window opening, a staircase, which is the same as in the old Rust, and a wooden hut (temporary shelter).

The Survivor: Rusty Forest – Mobile Rustin a recent update, the armor was added that is completely similar to Rust.

Oh yes, the game’s defense system. Such a protection system has not been seen anywhere before, we can say that the creators themselves came up with it. After purchasing any product in the Play Market, you will receive an order number by mail. This is what the whole security system is based on. To activate the game, you need this very order number, you will also need your mail and log in. You can activate the game on only 3 devices at the same time.

This system also has its downsides. Firstly, developers are likely to review requests for game activation themselves, as a result of which the game can wait up to 12 hours, or even more, for activation verification. Secondly, after the updates, there may be problems with activation, because. The game can only be activated 3 times, and if one of the devices is not deactivated, there will be a problem (because after the update it asks for activation again). But don’t worry, the creators of the game have those. Support to help in such cases.

If the game is not activated, then it tries to limit you in every possible way.

What about multiplayer for pg slot game? It does not work yet, but everything is ready for it, even a separate item in the menu is already present. The network part is being actively tested among developers, there is not much left before its release to the masses, and I remind you that the developers well, let’s sum it up. As a project for mobile platforms, the game looks nice and attractive. But as a PC project, the game looks like another Rust clone. The project will only be saved by a cross-platform game, then it will already be really interesting and convenient.