Gulshan 2

The Luxuries of Living in Gulshan 2 with all facilities.

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If Gulshan wears the crown of the best area to live in Dhaka city, at that point, North Gulshan is hands down the gem on that crown. If you have been living in Dhaka city for a long while, at that point, you are unquestionably very much aware of the solaces, extravagances, and accommodations that accompany residing in North Gulshan.

Finally, in this article, we try to find out the top reasons for the advantages. You get the chance to appreciate it if you are hoping to buy a level/apartment in North Gulshan.

Secure and Prestigious:

If you ask anyone what area is the most secure in Dhaka city, more than 99% of people answer North Gulshan? In North Gulshan, most of the other country consulate stands. This standout amongst the most secure zones you could discover in the city as North Gulshan is home to numerous outside occupants and near Diplomatic Zone harboring multiple foreign government offices.

GulshanIt gets the most extreme security along these lines, so you can appreciate living in a protected and secure area for your family. It shouldn’t be referenced that it is a standout amongst the most renowned regions of the city. You could generally display your North Gulshan address in your group of friends.

Striking Design and Features:

Since North Gulshan is the apogee of extravagance living, here you will discover condos that brag of extravagance features and civilities. Condos here can extend from standard size of more than 2000sft to roomy ones of more than 5000sft. Aside from shocking design, these additionally accompany a large group of world-class conveniences, beginning from marble floors and imported fittings to extravagance features, for example, rooftop pool, manicured gardens, and so on.

Ease of Accessibility:

When you purchase a level in North Gulshan, you will live in the most happening spot in the city. It gives you simple access to Gulshan 1 and 2, Banani, Baridhara, and Niketon, other than others. The territory also has pure vehicle offices for short or long separation drive, be it transport, rickshaw, or Uber ride.

Serenade to Serenity:

Suppose you happen to be a nature darling. In that case, you can, without much of a stretch, departure to the delightful parks loaded up with abundant greenery, energetic blooms, and serene water bodies on an end-of-the-week evening. Also, the Gulshan Lake Society Park has a running track for the well-being of nuts, just as a Horticulture Center where you can purchase intriguing blossoms only as new natural vegetables. The territory is very secure, well-kept, and a different segment for kids to appreciate open-air playing.

Foodies and Shopaholics in North Gulshan:

When you possess a level in North Gulshan, you will live the fantasy of any foodie or shopaholic as practically around the bend of your home, and you will discover world-class shopping centers that sell branded and imported treats just as top-notch cafés, lodgings, and cheap food bistros. You can pick Italian Pizza, Thai or oriental – whichever your taste buds are wanting right now.

North Gulshan, some portion of the tip-top Gulshan, is undoubtedly a much-desired location for the hopeful homebuyers in Dhaka city. If you are also one of those hoping to purchase a condo in North Gulshan, at that point, here is a rundown of pads available to be purchased in North Gulshan.

North Gulshan offers different vehicle stop centers around a couple for those without a vehicle, so driving from here to various bits of the city is agreeable.

North Gulshan offers homebuyers extraordinary living information with its assortment of civilities and secures conditions nearby simple accessibility. To help you in your loft looking, here is a part of the apartment suites accessible to be bought in North Gulshan with their features and civilities.