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Coronavirus eliminated the fatal parvovirus of 2023 in terms of the number of dead. The BBC reported online on Sunday.

Six people have died of the virus in Hubei province, China, known as the origin of the new coronavirus. Regional health officials reported this.


The circus was then spread to two dozen countries around the world; The number of casualties was close to 5,900. This year’s coronavirus outnumbered SARS in early February in terms of the number of infected. As of Sunday morning, the number of people affected in China alone has risen to 6,900.

The World Health Organization (WHO) called a global emergency in the wake of the rapid spread of coronavirus.

The total number of dead people in coronavirus infections is. Except for one, casualties occurred in China’s mainland and Hong Kong.

Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which was spread around the world in 25, lost four lives due to the virus. The death of the new corona virus hit SARS.

The total number of infected people in coronavirus worldwide has increased by more than 5,900. The majority of the victims are Chinese citizens.

Chinese authorities said in a recent bulletin that six people died in the country’s Hubei province on Saturday. Only 4 people died in Hubei province.

A total of 12 Chinese citizens have died of corona virus infection in China’s mainland, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Two died in Hong Kong and the Philippines. Besides, a US citizen died. The US citizen killed in Wuhan province in Hubei, China.

Coronavirus usually spreads through coughs, sneezing, coughs. Now, experts say, it also covers through the mall. There is also evidence that the transmission of this virus is widespread.

Reuters writes that out of 2,500 new infections, the virus has been detected on Saturday. This number is lower than in the previous few days.

But it is not right to make any conclusions as to whether coronavirus outbreaks have reached the highest levels, said Joseph Eisenberg, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan.

International media outlets were describing it as a “Chinese virus” and some describing it as a “Wu virus” after it was confirmed that it had spread the new coronavirus from China last year.

The name of the country or locality with the name of the virus can spread animosity – the World Health Organization quickly fixes an interim title. Initially, it was called Novell, that is, the new coronavirus, in short 20-NCOV.

China’s National Health Commission on Saturday designated another interim name for the deadly virus. Symptoms of this virus infection are pneumonia, its Chinese name is Novel coronavirus pneumonia, in short – NCP.