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The Complete Guide to Managed IT Services

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The term managed service provider (msp) refers to a company that provides it-as-a-service. There is a fair amount of information about what msps do and how they can help your business, but it can be difficult to determine how their service delivery methods differ and which service model is right for your business.

What is a managed it services model?

The managed services it is exactly what they sound like – a set of it services managed and operated by a third party on a regular basis. The client describes the selection of tasks and tasks that he would have to do in-house and assigns these to the volunteer.

The type of managed it services offered varies by customer and msp. They may take the form of managing and maintaining it infrastructure or providing help-desk solutions to internal staff. Some msps offer strategic planning, professional consulting, and recruiting.

What are the common it service models?

When it comes to Managed IT Services, there are several ways that businesses can get the solutions they need. Which service model works best depends on the business itself – its user, workflow, budget, and technical needs.


The traditional break/fix model refers to the practice of running it solutions the same way you would run an old car. You leave it alone as long as it’s running, with minimal maintenance to keep it running. When something breaks, you take it to a mechanic and fix the issue.

This efficient it model works with businesses that are running small it operations that serve a small number of users. Service and capital costs can be lower initially as the solutions used last longer until they fail.

The rationale for moving from a rest/maintenance to a managed it model occurs when the cost of disruption and productivity short-falls outweighs the savings from under-investment in it. It is then that organizations will decide whether to in-source or outsource the ongoing management of their it systems.

What are the benefits of a proactive managed it service?

There are obvious benefits that contracting your it services like can offer cabling, such as adjusting your monthly payments to receive ‘unlimited’ support services, which are guaranteed by a service level agreement (sla). This frees up the organization to get help, when they need it, without worrying about cost increases and approval delays. However, there are many obvious disadvantages.

With a traditional outsourcing model, an organization only reaches out to a service provider when there is a project – or problem – that requires their expertise. There is little or no incentive for the outsider to provide proactive solutions to prevent issues from occurring.

Managed it toronto service providers provide value because their business model shifts the workload from the customer to the service provider. The more issues a customer encounters, the more resources an msp needs to use.

Fortunately, if the provider puts a lot of time and effort into ensuring that their customers have a smooth-running it environment, there are fewer issues. However, both the supplier and the customer share the same characteristic – they both want a trouble-free it environment that promotes efficiency.

The results of proactive it

  • Early identification of problem areas, and solutions to help the organization think, prioritize and budget more effectively.
  • Preventive and maintenance planning ensures that regular operations are planned to identify and implement necessary repairs before they become necessary.
  • Proactive support helps protect customers from newly identified problems by pre-warning customers and taking immediate action to represent them when necessary.
  • An external view of business operations, which can help identify often hidden bottlenecks and technical issues.
  • Proactive motivation to take advantage of innovation or other technologies to improve performance or save budget.

What are the types of managed it services?

There are as many types of services offered as there are services offered. There are several common solutions in the it space that help streamline business operations while improving compliance, security, and efficiency.

  • It support
  • It security
  • Managed cloud services
  • It communications
  • End-user computing
  • Application support
  • Unity
  • Virtual cio