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The benefits of using music to give the best food for dogs

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Music can not only be the best ally for humans, but also for your pets. Did you know that it can relax, calm and relieve stress for your furry little ones?

That’s right they too are sensitive and react to certain melodic stimuli, especially those of classical music.

It can even influence their appetite, try giving your pet the best dog food with some classic symphony and see the results yourself.

In this article, we want to tell you about the positive effects that this can have on your pets. We can’t think of a better day to start putting music therapy into practice together!

What kind of music should you choose?

You can never forget that your pets can feel anxiety, stress, fear, or sadness, among many other conditions. Situations that you can alleviate in the simplest way you can imagine: with a little music.

And it is that this has multiple benefits for your pets, both physical and psychological. But which one should you use? What style? Is any kind of melody worth it?

According to experts in the field, when they listen to certain music there is no effect on animals; however, others such as heavy metal or certain strident melodies can cause anxiety and nervousness.

That is why we must discard this type of sound and bet on soft and calm sounds, such as classical music, which is ideal.

You will see how your pets respond very positively to classical music, generating multiple benefits, a feeling of placidity and relaxation, and increasing their happiness.

Also interesting are soft rock, symphonic rock, jazz, or reggae, which are gaining followers among our furry friends.

How does music help you?

It is proven that the benefits of music in your pets are physical and psychological, favoring their behavior and even changing their mood. These are its main advantages:

– Classical music slows down respiration and considerably reduces the animal’s heart rate.

– Promotes your relaxation and tranquility.

– Generates calm and reduces aggressiveness levels.

– Eliminate the stress produced by loneliness.

– Reduces barking.

– It can reduce certain states of depression.

– Raises your level of endorphins.

– They raise their spirits, increasing their happiness and improving their emotional state.

– Improves your immune system, reducing the chances of contracting diseases.

 How to put music to your pets?

Any time of the day is a good time to play music for your furry friends, even while feeding them the best dog food. Don’t worry, you won’t need to put headphones on them.

The hearing of dogs and cats is much more developed than that of humans, so it will be enough if you have a small device, such as a radio, a loudspeaker, or a computer. As soon as the music begins to play, your animals will recognize it and feel its benefits.

If you leave home, you can leave the music on so that they feel accompanied and reduce the level of anxiety when you see you go.

Ideally, you should set up a room with their favorite bed and toys to create a family atmosphere suitable for your pets to spend time alone and for the benefits of music to be more effective.

You can also use a projector for music and to set up a projector the is here for you to provide you the AV services.

When to use music as therapy

You wonder what is the perfect time to put music to your pets. Actually, any circumstance will be good to use music with your animals.

But take advantage of situations that can generate stress and anxiety to use music as therapy.

We give you several ideal scenarios to calm your animals with a soft melody:

  • Faced with a case of separation anxiety from their owners.
  • Before going to the vet.
  • Before going to the hairdresser.
  • When you have visitors at home.
  • When there are storms and thunder.
  • At noisy parties or during fireworks shows.
  • When your pet is going to be home alone for many hours.
  • When he shows an aggressive character, hyperactivity, or nervousness.
  • To fall asleep.
  • To recover after an operation.