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The battle of the Highs and Lows: Air Jordan Low Vs Air Jordan High

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If you’re a sneakerhead like us, you’ve wondered what sets the Air Jordan 1 Low apart from the Air Jordan 1 High besides the noticeable height difference. We can safely say there are as many passionate fans for the Air Jordan Low as its high-top cousins, which are widely thought to be the most comfortable basketball shoes ever made. Nike has pt putting out new Lows and Highs, such as the upcoming “Reverse Mocha” collaboration with Travis Scott and these “Starfish” 1.

History of the Low and High Scores in Game 1 of the Jordan Series

The Chicago Bulls drafted Michael Jordan third overall in 1984, and by 1985, the first Nike Air Jordan 1 had been released to the public. Since then, the shoe has become one of the best-selling sneaker models.

The high-top basketball shoes were designed by Peter Moore and took cues from the minimalist look of Nike’s Dunk line.

Although Jordan wore the original “Banned,” now called “Bred,” high-tops on the court, helping them rise rapidly in popularity, it is rarely remembered that the first Jordan 1 Low also came out simultaneously.

The first Air Jordan Low came out in a wide range of colours, like the high-tops, including patterns inspired by the Bulls and metallic ones.

 But the Jordan 1 Highs came back first in 1994, which may have been because they were so popular. However, the Jordan 1 Lows did not reappear until the early 2000s, which was after Michael Jordan’s playing career.

The Low vs High Cost of a Jordan 1

Now that you know the backstory, you might wonder which of the two options is more affordable.

Low-top Jordan 1s, like the “Silver Toe” colourway that made the list of the most OK Jordan 1 Lows, tend to be more reasonably priced than their high-top counterparts.

It is partly because of the increased cost of materials needed to create the taller collars, but the greater demand for Jordan 1 high-tops is likely the primary driver of the price difference.

Compare and contrast the Low and High Jordan 1 in terms of style and comfort.

The sole to the highest point of the collar on the high-top shoe is about 6.25″; this is the primary distinction between the low and high-top styles.

Thanks to the higher collar, you may expect extra ankle support and lateral stability if you wear your Jordan 1s on the court.

Let’s go a little more into whether basketball shoes are comfortable, and then you’ll receive some pro tips on how to measure your feet for the perfect pair.

On the other hand, you might feel like low-tops don’t limit you as much on the court, which, whether or not it’s a placebo effect, might help your overall athletic performance.

You should also ensure your sneakers are properly laced for a safe lock-in. The good news is that lacing a High Jordan 1 is similar to lacing a Low Jordan 1.

Ultimately, it will come down to personal taste as to which design you like and which is more comfortable.

But keep in mind that Run Repeats looked at 31 scholarly articles and found no clear evidence that the height of the top of the shoe affects athletic performance.