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Xbox Live launched in 2002 and the service has grown to be one of the most robust online multiplayer communities in the world, but it also provides the opportunity to play a variety of games through the Xbox Store. Xbox Live Gold members will be able to download a number of Xbox 360 titles through the service, but Microsoft recently added some Xbox One games as well, with more set to be added in the near future.

If you’ve been keeping up with Xbox Live, you’ll know that Microsoft has been tweaking the service to encourage people to purchase DLC for a number of titles, but the introduction of a subscription service is another means by which the company is making it easier for gamers to access older games and modes without worrying about making the purchase in the first place.

Xbox Live Silver users will have access to Game Pass starting today, so today would be a good day to get your subscriber account switched over. You can also download the Xbox app for windows pc.

The first Xbox Live free trial period is limited to 14 days, and all non-subscribers will be unable to participate. There are no limits to how much time a user can use Game Pass at one time, but Microsoft did say that they would be analyzing how active players are on the service and in what manner they’re using the service before giving them access to more access in the future.

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Each month, Games with Gold subscribers will receive two free titles, including access to several old-school hits that debuted before the Xbox 360 era. For more information on the games included in this month’s Games with Gold program, you can visit the official Xbox website.

But if you want to see if Xbox Live Gold is worth the investment, Microsoft will be giving players a chance to switch to the subscription service free for a limited time. If you choose to switch before the free trial period is over, you’ll be rewarded with 15 months of service at the price of only $2 per month.

PlayStation Plus is available on a yearly basis, but Xbox Live Gold members receive a similar service for only $2 per month, making the yearly investment only $10 in comparison.

According to the official Game Pass FAQ, Xbox Live Gold members will need to transfer their LIVE ID to the new Xbox Live Gold membership within 30 days in order to maintain access to the service.

The Xbox One has been a good platform for gamers to enjoy Xbox Live Gold titles since day one, and adding the ability to play a variety of old-school titles with a single subscription can only help keep players active and engaged.

While Microsoft’s decision to include the service as a free trial makes sense, there will always be a risk of giving users too much access to newer games in the future. It’s something to keep in mind while putting down the $2 for this month.
Xbox Live Gold members will also be receiving a complimentary six-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass when they renew their Gold membership.

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Beyond Games With Gold, there is still time to jump on the Windows 10 Summer of Creator’s sale, and it’s offering even more deals than before this week.

Xbox Live Gold will always be free for anyone who wants to join, and now with Xbox Game Pass, subscribers can expand the catalog of old games and enjoy more than ever before.

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