Songs by Ruth is down to earth songs which speaks to the every day person

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In today’s hip-hop world it is the artist experiences in raw urban verbiage, that draws in people. Like wise Songs By Ruth is this song writer unfiltered trials.

It’s not the lovers of mosarts who will be touched by Songs by Ruth but the everyday person who is in need of love and care. While Songs by Ruth has a flare of poetry the irony is that it’s in language that all human can identifies with. Raw, yet honest and it might just remain in our heart for centuries.

As a world we typically ignore the underdog and we fail to see beyond, to comprehend the bleeding soul.

It might be only be after the songs by Ruth project has folded that one might say, touching yet missed in a quirky kind of way. Not as a Chopin, but as a Kendrick Lamar who narrates his life’s story through creative expressions.

A truly poetic twist of life as she puts it in her single, ” Rainbow years.” It’s finding laughter after all the tears.