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The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the entire world. Industries like health, travel, business, and education bore the horrible effects of the virus. While many companies could not cope with the economic downfall, others evolved and adapted to the changing environments. Thus began the era of remote work.

The forceful push given by the pandemic created immense opportunities for remote work. Many companies in Indiana today are directly hiring remote resources from not only different states but from all around the world.

A study claims that white-collar workers in Indiana make up 79.42 percent of the working population in Brownsburg. More than 250 jobs now advertised in this region are work-from-home.

At the same time, those who weren’t working in a particular office decided to start freelancing or start their own business from home.

Your Home Office

Whether you’re a remote employee or trying your luck starting your own business, you need to start making changes to work from home.

Renovating your home to accommodate working space is step one to a well-designed, beautifully furnished space that will motivate you to work better. If you’re ready to invest and renovate, here are some great tips to follow!

  1. Start with a Blank Slate

The potential of any space can best be assessed when it is empty. If you want to renovate your home to start an office, start by emptying your current workspace and clearing the room. To make sure other rooms don’t get cluttered during the renovation process, pack away your furniture and stuff at a self-storage facility!

There are many options for storing your stuff during a renovation, but we suggest business storage Brownsburg units. Why? They’re within Brownsburg, are affordable, and come in many sizes and shapes.

By putting away your things in storage, you can easily carry out your renovation activities without worrying about things getting in the way.

  • Consider Soundproofing

When visiting a home office, many clients are apprehensive that their confidentiality will not be maintained. Soundproofing your office room will put their mind at ease when you lead with that at the start of a meeting.

With a soundproofed room, you can be sure that nothing inappropriate falls into the wrong ears and nothing that goes on in the rest of the house disturbs your clients.

Even if you don’t take clients into your home office, soundproofing will allow you to zone out from household activities and give your undivided attention to your work. This will ensure that the thin line between work and home, which tends to fade when you work from home, remains intact!

  • Match your Aesthetics

Since you’re creating YOUR home office, the space should match your aesthetics. Think about what makes you happy in a space. If you’re someone who likes colors, consider painting a wall.

Anything which matches your aesthetic can be incorporated into your home office. If you’re a fan of classical interiors, invest in a statement piece like a grandfather clock. Some easy personalization ideas we have for you are:

  • Create a statement wall with your certificates, favorite paintings, and other hanging memorabilia.
  • Add photographs and personal items to give an intimate touch to your workspace that will help you feel motivated.
  • Build a Personal Library containing all your work-related and leisure-reading books so your home office can double as a personal study.
  • Invest in Office Furniture

The importance of office furniture is often overlooked, especially if you’re working from a home office. However, that is a mistake. The right office chair, a well-designed desk, and appropriate storage options are essential for a productive office setup. Custom office furniture is designed specifically to provide comfort and convenience. Hence, consider investing in special office furniture if you’re planning to renovate.

An ergonomic chair will make your long work hours easy to sit through, and with organized office space, you will spend less time looking for things. This way, you will get more work done in a focused and streamlined manner without compromising comfort.

  • Fresh Light and Nature

Fresh air, access to daylight, and being surrounded by nature can significantly impact happiness and motivation while working. Bonus tips if you’ve got a view you can treat yourself to during breaks while basking in the cool Indiana evening breeze! Since you are renovating, include large open windows that allow fresh light during the day.

Similarly, research suggests that being near nature and plants significantly positively affects mental health. Therefore, if you’re setting up your own office at home, be sure to add the element of nature.

Create a small home garden if you have outdoor space, such as a porch or balcony. However, if you don’t have this space, add some indoor plants to your office, like a lovely fern!

  • Add a Coffee Nook

We all take breaks during work to refresh our minds. However, breaks at a home office can end up being much longer than planned, as once you go back into the house, there is a lot of room for distractions. Add a small snack space and coffee book to your home office to save yourself from falling prey to this trap.

Having small snacks and essentials like tea/coffee in the room will give you fewer reasons to leave the office during working hours.


Renovating your home office is a tiring but exciting project. It will be one room where you will have the full creative license to design the space as per your wishes, without any external feedback.

Follow the tips above to make the ideal home office and create your perfect space. We’re sure once you’re done, you won’t be able to wait to start working every morning!