Six Tips on How to Avoid Cyber Attacks in Healthcare

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Today, the healthcare sector relies heavily on IoT devices and advanced technological systems. The latest tools offer custom and more efficient health solutions that improve the patient’s health. This is the major reason hospitals have become an easy target for hackers, as they hold tons of valuable information. As health sector cannot shun using the advanced tech tool as the aim is to automate the patient care workflow.

The cyber security issues in the healthcare sector pose serious threats to our personal information. The hackers can target the sector either for financial means or to gain access to confidential information.

In 2020, almost 78.8 million private records were compromised, but the threat of cyber-attack still looms over the healthcare industry. According to the AHA Center for Health Innovation, stolen health records are sold up to ten times more than any other stolen data[NM1] . Therefore, the healthcare sector needs to use specific measures to avoid cyber-attacks. This is why healthcare cybersecurity is considered a separate branch of cybersecurity today. It focuses on diagnosing the latest cyber-attacks and implementing HIPAA policies to prevent data breaches.

Read this article to learn about the healthcare sector’s vital tips to improve hospitals’ cyber security.

Use Cloud Solutions

To avoid compromising the patient’s data, healthcare providers should keep the data on cloud servers. The servers make it easy for authorized people to store and retrieve the data instantly. Moreover, the third party can easily steal paper records or files, but it is difficult for them to access encrypted data. Cloud computing keeps your data secure and also creates an information backup that can be used in case the files are accidentally deleted. This solution does not only secure sensitive information but also makes the staff more component.

Perform Risk Assessment Tests

Healthcare organizations need to ensure that cyber security measures are in control. The cyber security risk assessment help organizations understand and mitigate all forms of cyber risks. It can also help in improving the overall cyber defense posture and can avoid threats in the future as well. If risk assessment tests are performed frequently, it can save the hospital from losing millions of dollars in the long run. But, to perform a robust risk assessment, it is crucial to have a steady and stable internet connection such as Windstream. It offers high-speed internet plans that deliver a superior internet experience so healthcare staff can easily complete your risk assessments. The provider takes pride in offering its services across 18 states of America. You can click here for more information.

Ensure the Software Is up to Date

Hackers are constantly developing advanced means to attack our network. This is the reason that developers frequently roll out software updates or better software to prevent attacks. If there is any delay in updating the software leaves your systems vulnerable to hacks. So, the healthcare sector must ensure that the security software is up-to-date, so networks and devices are safe. Moreover, hospitals should also ensure that they only use advanced security software to avoid compromising the patient’s private data.

Train the Staff

Using advanced security measures to secure sensitive data makes it harder for unauthorized people to access it. So, it is important to train your staff, including all the doctors, nurses, and other medical staff, regarding the use of the software. Moreover, ensure raising awareness about healthcare cyber-attacks and the measures to combat them. This can help the organization to proactively secure the health sector from data breaches.

Invest in Biometric Capabilities

As hackers can easily break passwords and spread malware in the system. So, rather than using passwords, the healthcare sector should use biometric or multi-factor authentication security protocols. From fingerprint scans to voice recognition systems, all provide additional security layers to increase and mitigate cyber-attack chances. 

Employ Cybersecurity Specialists

It is not only important to train the staff and expect them to prevent different types of cyberattacks. The hacks can wreak havoc and cripple the entire system within a few minutes. So, an effective way to prevent this is to hire professional cybersecurity analysts. Moreover, only cybersecurity specialists can handle several types of cyberattacks and implement HIPAA policies.

In Brief

The healthcare sector must implement comprehensive security strategies to decrease cyber-attacks likelihood. This way, the health sector cannot only heighten the safety of medical records but establish a relationship of trust with the patients. Since the threats in cybersecurity are always changing, so it is recommended to hire a cybersecurity professional. Only a professional can accurately monitor and mitigate the risks of data breaches.