Seven Wonders City Islamabad: The best investment option

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The Seven Wonders City Islamabad is another elite theme-based housing project that is developed by the GFS group of companies. The entire project includes all of the seven wonder of the world i.e. Taj Mahal, Colliseum, and Effiel Tower in a single gated housing society. Seven Wonder City Islamabad is locatable at the proximity of the CPEC route and also 10 minutes away from the Blue World City location. The entire housing project comprises of more than 200 acres of the total land, which proves that it is going to be a massive project.

Location and Map

Some of the real estate investors are often searching for some specific factors that they might pay their huge attention to at the time of appraising a property for investment. In addition to its world class facilities and architecture, the project’s location is an important consideration in this regard. The CPEC-Ring Road Interchange is directly connected across the street with some other landmarks such as Islamabad Airport, and Kingdom Valley Islamabad from this elite housing project. The residents of this project would be able to easily reach this housing society via the M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway in approximately half an hour.

What makes it a best investment option?

 The overall foundation of this project is about to complete, and its booking has been started in almost every residential blocks. Furthermore, Block J, K, and overseas block bookings have just been recently announced. Furthermore, this housing project also has a boundary wall and a complete road network of various boulevards, and the availability of all the mandatory facilities. Along with that, In Block A & B, almost 80% of the development work has been completed. Moreover, the rest of the blocks are also speeding up on their way to completion and would ensure timely delivery to the interested investors. Above all, its 200ft Main boulevard will also be completed in less time. Apart from that, the project developers are also aiming to build a similar housing society like the one they build in the city of Karachi.

There would be several areas for commercial and residential purposes. The main aim of this project is to make the lives of its residents better and improved. Along with hat, the replicas of numerous  world wonders would be built at different blocks of the entire society. It would be locatable near the Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location, which is also adjacent to the CPEC route, and would be accessible through road.

The developers of this project would even build replicas of the world’s seven wonders around the Centrepoint of several residential buildings. Apart from that, they have even planned to construct replicas of some of  most iconic landmarks of Pakistan as well. The developers of this project hope that this housing project would be a tremendous success story. It would enable the residents and visitors to take pictures of themselves in their favorite destination. Moreover, it would provide numerous photo opportunities to the visitors near the replicas. Visitors would be able to take snap of their pictures and upload them to their social media accounts, which would help them in getting more likes and comments by other users. Moreover, they would only have to travel to any of these locations in person, as they are only constructed in their own location s and not anywhere else.


It can be concluded that seven wonder city Islamabad is one of the most notable future housing projects in real estate sector of Pakistan. This project aims to provide a huge amount of long-term assets to the residents. It would also benefit the potential shareholders of this project in Pakistan and abroad. Another best part of this housing project is that it is conveniently locatable near the Interstate Highway and Motorway System. It is now becoming a feasible option for the investors of Islamabad real estate. In a nutshell, this housing project appears to be a favorable investment because of its exotic location in the capital city, surrounded by all over lush green hills on each sides. It would be best for the investors to connect with Estate Land Marketing to proceed with their investment.

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