Scientific Health Benefits Of Mediterranean Diet

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Unlike restrictive diets, the Mediterranean diet is an eating pattern. The Mediterranean diet is widely acclaimed for its health benefits in terms of disease prevention, weight control, and healthy being.

This diet provides an eating pattern that is simple and easy to follow- more natural and simple food sources such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and lean protein. The Mediterranean diet usually makes liberal use of olive oil. Red meat and dairy are expected to be consumed in moderation.

Foods To Avoid In Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet does offer a wide range of health benefits, but it is necessary to avoid certain food groups in order to make it more effective. The Mediterranean diet provides a person with a lot of room in terms of variation. However, there are certain foods that are generally not recommended when following a Mediterranean diet.

1.     Full Fat Dairy

Though there is no harm in consuming dairy products, it is generally not recommended on a Mediterranean diet. If you are following a Mediterranean diet, then you should limit the intake of full-fat dairy products for a while to see more noticeable results.

2.     Red Meat

There are numerous sources of protein, some of which are plant-based and some are animal-based sources. You can freely take all sources of plant-based protein in the form of legumes, beans and pulses. When it comes to animal-based protein sources, a Mediterranean diet requires an individual to limit the intake of red meat. However, you can consume fish and chicken.

3.     Processed Food

Processed food is generally discouraged on a Mediterranean diet. Such foods are rich in refined carbs, and they have large amounts of hidden sugar in them. Processed food offers more calorie count with limited nourishment.

4.     Alcohol

You may moderately consume red wine when following a Mediterranean diet. However, to acquire most of its benefits, you should limit alcohol intake. The excess of alcohol is harmful, and it will not bring you the benefits for which you adopt a Mediterranean diet.

5.     Smoking

The smoke coming out as a result of smoking irritates the throat and whole respiratory system. Lost Vape Grus 100w In The Hand … The Grus is quite tall for a single battery mod, but more surprising is the weight. You are generally not allowed to smoke in excess on a Mediterranean diet. Nowadays, people are switching to vaping as a less harmful means of smoking.

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Scientific Health Benefits

The Mediterranean diet is easy to follow, and it provides evidence-based health benefits. Let us go through some most prominent health benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

1.     Helps With Weight Loss

Encouraging to eat whole grains and simpler forms of food Mediterranean diet promotes steady and sustainable weight loss. Many scientific studies support this fact. However, you have to be consistent, and it might take some time.

Studies show that the participants who followed a Mediterranean diet for a period of five years noticeably reduced waist circumference as compared to those who followed a low-fat diet. Though this diet does generate significant results, it requires more consistency and patience.

2.     Helps Prevent Cognitive Decline

It is the brain that needs the most nutritional support than any other organ in the body. An unhealthy eating pattern is insufficient to nourish the brain. As a result, over the period of time, the cognitive ability begins to decline, and it might possibly take the form of Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientific studies conducted in 2016 and 2018 support the role of the Mediterranean diet in improving cognition and slowing cognitive decline simultaneously. This eventually reduces the risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Through simpler and nutritious sources of food as well as healthy fats sources, the Mediterranean diet sufficiently nourishes the brain.  

3.     Reduces Risk Of Cardiovascular Problems

A longitudinal study that followed more than seven thousand participants supports the role of the Mediterranean diet in reducing the risk of cardiovascular and heart-related issues. The participants who actively followed a Mediterranean diet for more than five years had 30% less risk for cardiovascular issues even without exercising.

4.     Effective To Manage Type II Diabetes

In a study, scientists saw the impact of the Mediterranean diet on a group of around 500 people with ages ranging between 55 to 80 years. These participants followed a Mediterranean diet; they were followed up after four years.

The results revealed that the participants had a 52% reduced risk for Type II diabetes. The Mediterranean diet turns out to be more effective than a low carb diet, low GI diet and diet high in protein. The participants consumed olive oil and nuts and did not indulge in exercise or workouts.

Effective Against Rheumatoid Arthritis

The Mediterranean diet is even effective against autoimmune disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis. In this condition, the immune system begins damaging joints, which results in joint pain and swelling. It is a very painful condition.

 The Mediterranean diet is effective against this condition as it is a rich source of healthy fats in the form of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega -3 comes from fish and olives that are the main component of the Mediterranean diet.

5.     Effective In Cancer Prevention

Many studies support the role of the Mediterranean diet in preventing various types of cancer. Scientists believe that the Mediterranean diet encourages the intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats, which altogether minimizes the risk for cancer. Following a Mediterranean diet, people generally avoid processed food, refined grains and red meat that also contribute to reducing the risk of cancer.

6.     Helps To Ease Depression

Unlike the general American diet that is usually high in unhealthy fats, refined carbs and processed food, a Mediterranean diet is all based upon healthy sources of food. A Mediterranean diet has anti-inflammatory properties, and thus, this diet is considered to help ease mental conditions like depression.

Take Away

It is easy and simple to follow a Mediterranean diet. There is a lot of scientific evidence that supports the role of the Mediterranean diet in avoiding and preventing some major health problems.