Save Money At Co-Op In Canada With These Smart Tips!

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Are you looking for ways to save money while shopping in the Co-op in Canada? If yes, you have come to the right place. Here, we’ll tell you six smart tips to bag the best deals, while saving dollars. Read on to know what those tips are.

Join Their Weekly Email List

Do you often shop at the Co-op in Canada but haven’t signed up with their email list? If yes, you should sign up to save big bucks. Though you can get special discounts and offers whenever you visit the Co-op, there are some weekly special deals that last for two or three days only. Thus, signing up with the store to see the Co-op flyer is the best way to enjoy the money-saving benefits. Once you see the Co-op Canada weekly flyers, you can create a shopping list based on what’s trending.

Shop The Products With Purple Tags

Co-op in Canada offers the best prices on daily essential items; you can take advantage of this. The lowest-priced products are displayed with purple tags and ‘Co-op basic signs’ throughout the store. They provide the shoppers with the most affordable prices on the basic items, called Co-op basics. You can also look out for $1, $2, $3 off stickers on the selected items for saving extra money. Besides, you can also reap the best benefits from Co-op deals coupons book, which is issued every two months.

Become A Co-op Member

The Co-op store in Canada announces Owner Appreciation Coupons three times a year. Thus, if you become a Co-op member, you can make special orders when products are on sale and save a lot of money. So, becoming a member of Co-op store is another great way to bag a good deal and save on your shopping bill.

Take Advantage Of Price Drop

Co-op price drops all the essential items for around three weeks in a month. It includes everything from seasonal produce to everyday essential goods. For this, look for the yellow-colored price drop sign at the Co-op store nearby your location. If you can’t, you can also ask out the employees about the best deals available on the in-season produce or other items. If you are lucky enough, you can even find a product on $0.25/pound in the markdown section.

Dine Out At Co-op

Have you ever heard that dining out can save you money? Well, if you haven’t, Co-op store in Canada makes it possible for you. Suppose you had a long day and don’t want to cook. Co-op has got you covered. Just stop by ‘Hot Bar, Happy Hour’ that starts after 8pm and remains open till the store closes. Dining out at Co-op during these hours can help you get a few dollars off and save some extra money. 

Co-op’s Everyday Value Price

Co-op also offers a Value Price Everyday Program to help shoppers get the best value for each dollar spent. For this, you need to look for a red tick-mark on the things you frequently use. All these items are checked to competition and provide better value to the shoppers.