Reasons Why Volleyball Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

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How was Volleyball introduced? 

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world and is played by more than 900 million people on the planet at least once a week. The volleyball game was invented in 1895 by William G.

Morgan, which is an instructor at the YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts. 

He mixed soccer, baseball and handball to create a new game to be played indoors by all people who wanted less physical contact than basketball. Morgan borrowed the tennis net and lifted it six feet, six inches above the ground, slightly higher than the average man’s head.


When Volleyball was invented for the first time, it was a lot different from the game today. On each team, you could have as many players as you like. There were nine innings per game, three outs per inning. 

Each team has three hits to try to get the ball back.

The ball is played by a server that hits the opponent over the net.

When the winning team wins a volley, they gain the right to serve, and the players rotate one place clockwise.

When the serving team wins a volley, the point is won and the right to continue serving.

The ball will clear the net of the system. The game is played at 21 points, or some other amount decided upon. The teams that win the best two out of 3 games wins the game.


Terms of Vocabulary :

Ace-When the ball is served to the opponent team, and nobody touches it.

Sideout-When the team that served the ball makes a mistake, it makes the ball go to the other side.

Roof-When, the player, leaps over the height of the net and covers the ball.

Dig-When, a player, saves a tight bolt.

Kill-When, a team, spits a ball and finishes at either a point or a side-off point.

Fun Facts Beach Volleyball was an Olympic event at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

Volleyball was called mignonette at first, but later it was changed to Volleyball, to describe how the players were going to volley the ball back and forth over the net. The deadly method of positioning the ball for another player to spit it hard on the other side was invented in the Philippines. This technique was called the Filipino Bomb initially.

How to Play Volleyball:

Excellent communication skills, improve the strength of your upper body and gives you an unlawful amount of fun? This content is going to show you the fundamentals of how to play Volleyball. 

Choose from your players: You want at least six players per team to play a competitive game. However, when you play with a group of friends, you have the same number of players on each side.

You should have 2 rows of games: The first row close to the net and the back row close to the back of the court.

The ball will be played by the player in the back right corner: You can rotate players around the court to have a new server for each service game.

If you’re spinning players out, rotate: clockwise— looking at the net, the player closest to it on the right would switch out, allowing many players to play.

Determine which team will first serve the ball: Toss a coin or agree to find out who’s going to start the game.

Serve the ball at the back of the court from behind the line: If you serve the other team from the front of the line, it will be a point. This is known as the fault of the foot. The volleyball has to go over the net (but it can hit it), and it has to land in the court to serve it well.

The player on the right is on the back of the court: That player will only receive one service attempt per service rotation; you can serve as many times as you can in the court of the other team.

The ball is right even if its land on a line:

If you’re on the receiving side, return the ball. So the rally has started! Typical play will be a bump, set, and spike — but as long as it’s done in three hits, it’s okay.

You can hit by the ball with any part of your body as long as the ball doesn’t come to rest.

Teams may be going through the boards, but the ball may not be. You can run to retrieve it— successfully if it doesn’t touch the ground.

Keep hitting the ball back with forth across the net until there’s a fault. This could have been attributed to any of the following:

  1. The ball is hitting the ground. This may allow the serving team to score 1 point for their team.
  2. If the volleyball hits the ground on the side of the receiving team; the serving team must serve again.
  3. If the volleyball hits the ground on the side of the serving team; the other team will have the opportunity to serve.
  4. The point is awarded to a team that has not allowed the ball to hit the ground.
  5. Someone is touching the net. If a player on a team hits the loss, the opposing team picks up a point.
  6. The ball is coming out of bounds. The team that hits the volleyball out of bounds is losing the point.
  7. Somebody’s foot goes under the net. When this occurs, the opposing team will be given the score.
  8. The player hits the ball four or more times before throwing it over. The limit is 3.
  9. Catch the ball without bumping it into play acceptance.
  10. Allowing the recipient team to receive a ball bump from anything other than their arms or hands may cause the service team to pick up a point.
  11. Returning the volleyball without allowing the ball to cross over the top of the net will score one point for the service team.

Serve the ball again. The team that won the last point is going to serve the ball. Rotate now if you’re spinning.

  1. If your team has a bat, it’s normal for the rows to back up a little. The idea here is to be ready for an attack. If you don’t have a ball, move on. Instead, the idea here is to make an attack.
  2. Teams that make an error or send the ball out will automatically send the ball back to the other side to serve. No new score must be added to the “new” service team.
  3. No penalty may be levied in any case where the ball hits the net and then travels over to the other side to be played. The ball continues to be live and competitive (unless it returns to the recipient’s volleyball team).

Continue playing until you reach a threshold:

You must determine how many points you’re going to allow for each game. For example, if a team earns 15 points, you can start a new game.

  1. New rules state that the control of games is 25 points, while the third game (in a set of three) is 15. This must be agreed upon-generally, this time limit will be eight minutes, but maybe longer or shorter depending on the situation of the game.
  2. The regular game is three games long. At the start of a new game, each team should switch sides.
  3. The losing team should have a chance to serve in the next game of the game during each service.
  4. The game has to be won by two points. 25-26 is not going to cut it; it must be 25-27. Close games can go on a lot longer because of this.

Learning the Shots:

Volleyball play

Learn the essential position:

If you don’t play, it’s common to take a simple volleyball stance. The arms should be slightly wider than the shoulders, your weight should be forward on your feet and your knees bent. Make sure your weapons are safe in front of you.

In contrast to the views of many, Volleyball is an extreme sport. Players can go the equivalent of a few miles away during a match.

Practice your service. The primary function is to get the ball over the net and the other court to start the rally. This can be done anywhere on the server line.

  • More experienced players can try to serve overhand: o Toss the ball in front of you.
  • Lift your dominant hand in the air. Bend your elbow to get your arm closer to your side.
  • Straighten your elbow and strike the ball from the outside of your arm.
  • Less experienced players can serve covertly.
  • Hold the ball out of your hand in front of you.
  • Make a fist and bring the dominant hand down and to the side. Your elbow should be bent slightly, and your thumb should be stretched across your fingers.
  • Strike the ball at the waist level using the front of your hand. The ball is supposed to hit your fist against your bent thumb and index finger.

“Bump” the ball. This is the most widely used shot for the return of service. Ideally, you’re going to “pass” it to the team setter. The bump is the first in a three-move game.

• Rotate the elbows until the smooth side of your forearm is facing upwards. Your arms should be straight ahead at a slightly downward angle, and your elbows should be closed.

• Move so that the ball is in front of you. Stand apart with your shoulder-width legs and wait until the ball is at the same level as your waist.

• Allow the ball to strike your warns about 2 to 6 “(5 to 15 cm) above your wrists. When the ball comes into touching base with your forearms, push your legs and angle your” platform “towards your forearms.

You are setting the practice. Usually, you won’t fix the ball back to the machine. Instead, you’re going to use the set to get the volleyball into the air so that other players can bump it or spike it.

• Hit the playing ball with your fingertips when the volleyball reaches the level of the eye. Move your legs up when you hit the ball.

• Make a triangle and hold your hands in the air window that you can see through. Place the shoulder-width of your legs apart and bend your legs slightly.

• When you hit it with the palm of your hand, in a real game, it’s going to be called “lifting” because you just caught the ball and just picked it back up.

You know how to spike. This is known as the Attacking.

• Approach the ball and raise your dominant hand. Your hand should be formed like a bat, and your elbow should be bent.

• Stand up and hit the ball with your hand. Get as high as you can for maximum power. The ball should travel across the net but sharply down to make it difficult for the other team to get it back.

You’re ready to block. For the (three) players on the net, this is used to stop an attack or spike. There are two types of blocks:

  1. The offensive block is designed to keep the ball on the opponent’s side of the court. The timing must be right to jump up, predict the trajectory of the ball, and slam it back on the opponent’s hand. Ideally, the ball is sent straight to the floor.
  2. A defensive or soft block is used to avoid the momentum behind the ball to make it easier to send home. 
  3. The block does not act as one of the three hits on the side to get the ball over the net.
  4. This is mainly a term for a dive— a spectacular game where the player saves the ball right before it hits the ground. This requires a high level of endurance and strength.
  5. Players fall on their shoulders while driving; their arms stretched out. It’s essential to do this safely because the damage is likely to occur if it’s done wrong. Seasoned players use a rolling strategy to minimize the risk of injury.


Volleyball scores are pretty simple, but they’ve also changed over time. Many matches are divided into sets. A standard game may be the best of five sets where the first team to win five sets wins the game. The first team to earn 25 points in each set wins as long as they are 2 points ahead. 

Only the volleyball team that served can score a point on the rally they won. Also, the sets were typically played at 15 points. In 1999, this was changed.

Volleyball Fouls There are several ways to gossip and lose the point. Here are some examples:

• Illegally throwing the volleyball-you can hit the ball in such a way that you don’t hold the ball or the hand, bring it or throw it.

• Moving over or on the line when serving

• Not hitting the ball above the net

• Touch the wall

• Interfering with the player or the court

• Not helping in the correct order

• Popping the Volleyball out of bounds

• Double hitting-when the same player hits the ball twice in a row

• Hitting the ball more than 3 times in a row

Now Start Playing:

The game Volleyball is a fun sport that is easy to learn and can be played in a gym, on the beach or on the lawn. Playing Volleyball will help you improve your endurance, agility, balance, and coordination. Many schools have a volleyball team, or you can also find children’s organizations in your local community center. If you don’t join a group, you can just pick Volleyball and a couple of friends and play your own game.