Protect Your.NET Application Code With A High-Performance Obfuscator For C#

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Obfuscation makes it difficult for attackers to understand the logic, algorithms, and structures of software. This can help protect intellectual property from theft or unauthorized replication of applications. While obfuscation is not foolproof, it can make reverse engineering and tampering more difficult. It can also reduce the size of an application and improve its runtime performance.


Skater.NET Obfuscator is a program that helps safeguard.NET applications from reversing and tampering by obscuring the logic, algorithms, and structures of the application. Its main goal is to protect your intellectual property and prevent malicious attacks.

Our obfuscator for NET prevents unwanted tampering by applying integrity checks to dependencies and protecting your code from decompilation. It also supports multiple obfuscation techniques. The UI is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it simple to find the features you need. It also includes a powerful licensing system that supports trial versions, hardware lock license files, and more. Combined, these features ensure your application’s security and license compliance.


NET Obfuscator from Rustemsoft protects your.NET assembly from illegal code extraction and reverse engineering by obfuscating public information in a way that is impossible to understand or decompile. The program also encrypts or password-protects Strings using modern cloud data encryption approaches and makes sure that they stay safe even when your application is distributed to other users.

Our obfuscator for c# is state-of-the-art protection, adapted to today’s challenges. It uses many different layers of obfuscation and genuine security features (like NecroBit or Virtualization) that work together to isolate points of your applications and make it impossible to decipher. It also includes integrity protections that prevent unauthorized modification.


Dotfuscator automates obfuscator and security for C# applications in Visual Studio. It integrates and processes your application, eliminating the need for tools and configurations. It also reduces the cost of infrastructure, human costs for configuration and management and costs associated with cybersecurity breaches.

It obfuscates class, field, method, property, and generic parameter names to fake, but realistic strings making it impossible for other programs to figure out the original functionality based on their name. It can also rename external assembly symbols, merge them into the application assembly, and encrypt their byte code. It can detect rooted devices and warn users about their privacy risks, while it can also detect the presence of malicious obfuscation codes in the application. This can help prevent data leakage by displaying an alert message on the device.


.NET obfuscator is a technique for protecting software code. It uses various methods to make it difficult for hackers to reverse engineer a program and find out its source. These methods include renaming, changing the way variables are stored, and encrypting strings. Programming languages that are compiled, like C#, tend to be easier to obfuscate than those that are interpreted, like Java. Using a free obfuscator makes it easier to safeguard your application from reverse engineering attacks.

However, most obfuscation techniques put a premium on code performance. For example, some obfuscation tools require decryption at runtime to rename symbols, which can slow down performance.

Code Security

Obfuscation, though sometimes misunderstood and dismissed as useless by some skeptics on the internet, is an essential tool in any software developer’s arsenal. It jumbles code so that it’s impossible to understand and impossible to decompile, while remaining logically equivalent.

ArmDot protects your application by obfuscating the method calls made to other assemblies. This feature replaces discoverable methods with dynamically generated delegates, making them indecipherable to a static analyzer or decompiler. This does not affect the performance of your app. Ensures code security by preventing reverse engineering and tampering. It features obfuscation settings and techniques that are inherited between versions of your product. It also features integrity protections that prevent your application from being manipulated.

Code Protection

ArmDot is a modern obfuscator that code protection applications with control flow, arithmetic and symbol obfuscation as well as string and section encryption. It automatically protects your applications during the compilation process and can be integrated with Visual Studio without any additional tools or configurations.

It also helps developers to build better, more secure applications and reduces infrastructure costs for managing configuration and deployment, human costs for deploying and configuring security settings and costs associated with cybersecurity breaches. It integrates, automates and simplifies obfuscation processes making them more efficient and affordable. Babel Obfuscator can rename types, methods, properties, events and fields in the metadata to make reverse engineering more difficult. It also merges referenced assemblies into the main application assembly to reduce the size of the deployed assembly.


Protect your.NET application code with a high-performance obfuscator for C# that provides advanced protection, including renaming obfuscation, control flow obfuscation and string encryption. Manco obfuscator is well integrated into Visual Studio and is easy to use. The sample solution contains four projects: three C# class libraries and a C# console application. When the Obfuscated Release solution configuration is selected, the assemblies for these projects are obfuscated.