Concrete Exeter

Plan Reliable Concrete Exeter Services With Professionals

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Concrete Exeter:

We are a leading supplier of boom and ground line concrete pumps for leasing in Exeter. Our workers are fully capable and have the knowledge to deliver fast and well-organized service for you at a profitable price. Our large fleet means that we take a Concrete Exeter for every claim, counting our state-of-the-art mini pump and the largest flourishing pump with a 62m scope. If you are in seek of booking a concrete pump for your project in Exeter, contact A and M Groundworks today.


As Exeter’s largest independent network of concrete suppliers, you can rely on the expert team here at A and M Groundworks to assist you with any project, domestic, commercial, or industrial, guaranteeing all concrete materials are assorted to the peak standards to offer you the best possible outcomes.

We aim to ensure quick delivery, to give you the most time to effort with your concrete and use the best quality masses to ensure a smooth and level finish, no matter what your project. So if you’re looking for a dependable and cost-effective concrete supplier – look no more than the expert and responsive crew here at A and M Groundworks.

Numerous Services Which We Offer For Concrete Cutting:

There are numerous varieties of services which we offer to our varying customers according to their requirements.

The following is the list of services which we bring.

  • Chain Sawing
  • Wire Sawing
  • Core drilling
  • Flat Sawing
  • Wall Sawing
  • Interior Trenching and more.

We offer dissimilar concrete cutting Exeter services and based on the customers’ requirements they would choose for our services.

How Do We Make A Exclusive Image For Concrete Cutting Exeter?

Finding a concrete Exeter corporation is not a big deal but determining the one which can offer you prime services at all times matters.

The following are the several ways through which we are prominent in the crowd that offers concrete cutting Exeter:

  • We can offer you extra precise and well-organized concrete cutting services which you might have never seen before.
  • We make certain to update our up-to-date equipment which is used in managing all your concrete cutting works.
  • Reliable service providing company which you can discover for concrete cutting.
  • We carry the right quality services for a reasonable price which you might not find anywhere else

Concrete Exeter

Full comprehensive aftercare service.

All our products and materials are carefully chosen and come with a complete aftercare guide to ensure you appropriately maintain your concrete floor surfaces.


Polished concrete offers a smooth, mirror-like external surface, meaning the design promises are almost infinite.


Appropriate for all-out grip for traffic, a stuffed concrete floor delivers a non-slip, very course quality.


Is an apt finish for high transferred areas for both foot and forklift usage, reliant on the depth.


Coloured concrete floors are becoming more common within refined concretes.


Characteristically used as a durable surface on outside yards.


Typical claims for this product are shops plant rooms, stairs, and corridors.

Our abilities to tackle all kinds of Concrete Exeter work:

We offer our concrete pumping services to customers across Exeter, both domestic and commercial alike. As industry experts, we know that time is a significant advantage when it comes to building plans of any kind, which is why our high-pressure concrete pumps are the seamless solution for concrete installation. For your suitability, we can also offer our concrete pumping services outside of steady business hours, so you can install concrete flooring at a period that is most appropriate for you.

Whilst we can offer our ready mix concrete and liquid screed within the parts we cover. All manufactured to leading BS Standards, we are also pleased to work together with fellow contractors by providing concrete pumps to support their concrete delivery. Get in touch about a concrete pump for hire in Exeter using our rapid contact form, or call us.