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PHP vs WordPress – What’s Better for Business?

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In the IT industry, there are numerous programming languages. In fact, every day there is something new to explore. But not every technology or trend makes an impactable mark. Still, PHP and WordPress have a reputed place amongst the whole industry worldwide. As a matter of fact, many businesses are often looking to either hire PHP developers or WordPress.

On the contrary, some people live in confusion about what to choose for business success when it comes to PHP vs WordPress. In case you were also in a big dilemma regarding PHP and WordPress, then this blog is for you.        

Today we will be talking about PHP vs WordPress and what’s more beneficial for a business. Let’s get started!

PHP – A Brief Introduction

It stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is widely known as a general-purpose scripting language. It is used to build dynamic & interactive website solutions.  

PHP is the first server-side programming language and it can be embedded into HTML to create robust solutions. It is very easy to add functionality to a web page without calling external files for data in PHP. In the entire IT industry, PHP is one of the oldest coding languages as it is around 28 years old.

In the past couple of years, there have been many updates in PHP and the latest update was released in November 2020. Consequently, PHP has enhanced a lot as a programming language, and nowadays so many things are possible and that too easily.

Top Qualities of PHP

  • PHP is a powerful language and it is the core of the biggest blogging system -WordPress.  
  • PHP is deep to smoothly run large social networks.
  • PHP is easy to learn and a beginner can learn it as a first server-side language.

WordPress – A Brief Introduction

It is an open-source content management system (CMS) or software used to either build, modify, or maintain a website. In technical words, WordPress is written in PHP and it runs on MySQL or a MariaDB database. The major features WordPress offer include plugins and themes.

WordPress can be used to create any type of website. However, it is globally popular for blogging websites. Because earlier it was used to develop blogging websites only. With time, things changed and now any type of website can be built using WordPress.    

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WordPress empowers approximately 64.2% of websites as CMS. The global market share of WordPress is approximately 43%. This means that one out of every four websites prefers to use WordPress as it’s very easy to use without much technical expertise.    

Top Qualities of WordPress

  • WordPress is open source, hence; free of cost.
  • WordPress is very flexible thus, custom development is possible effortlessly.
  • WordPress or WordPress solutions are easily scalable.
  • WordPress is very easy-to-use and easy to learn.

PHP vs WordPress – Top Differences

There are several differences between WordPress and PHP even though one is a part of another. So without any further delay, let’s have a look at the top differences to find out the best among PHP vs WordPress.   

Flexibility – If you compare WordPress with PHP in terms of flexibility, then WordPress is good. For e.g. if you are planning for a blogging website that needs daily modification in content, images, layout, and web appearance, then WordPress is the best choice. Moreover, the edits or changes in a WordPress website are comparatively easier than PHP.    

Cost-Effective – Budget plays a very important role in every project to hire software developers. So considering the same fact which means cost, then WordPress is a way better option than PHP.  

User Experience or UX – Among WordPress and PHP, WordPress is popular for user-friendly website development in the entire IT industry as managing plug-ins or themes is way easier. WordPress CMS offers a simple interface that is very easy to operate. On the contrary, a PHP website building or handling requires a lot more technical expertise than WordPress. It’s also easier to find support for WP errors, with sites like this supporthost can fix dns probe finished nxdomain.

Productivity – In terms of productivity, if you compare WordPress vs PHP, then WordPress offers more productivity. However, PHP offers more processing speed because PHP uses its own memory. So the server loading and loading time decreases, thus processing gets faster.

Security – There is a huge misconception that WordPress doesn’t offer as much security as PHP. But this isn’t true at all. WordPress websites are safe and secure from online theft if safety precautions are taken correctly. So it is often advised to hire WordPress developers who are skilled and experienced.  

Wrapping up: What’s Better for Business?

This completely depends on the requirements of an individual or organization, which is better among PHP and WordPress. Because both the technologies are great in themselves. But it depends on the needs which one would be able to render overall better outcomes than another.

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