Novatech Review – Is Novatech Authentic Or Fake?

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Novatech is a company that produces magnets, primarily neodymium. It also manufactures electronic components such as wireless chargers. It has been the target of scam warnings and fraud complaints. The company is based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Its founder was previously associated with an alleged Ponzi scheme (AWS Mining). This is a major red flag that should prompt you to take caution.


Novatech is a Forex and crypto trading platform that emphasizes pooled investment funds. Its founders claim that it is safe and secure, but there are many questions about its Is Novatech authentic or fake. It is important to note that the company is not registered with the SEC, which is a big red flag. It is also unclear whether the company is licensed to operate in the United States, which is another warning sign. If they are not licensed, the company could be violating securities laws by soliciting investors.

It is also possible that the company is a Ponzi scheme, which operates on the premise that new investments will pay off existing ones. However, the company’s website says that it has doubled its investments over the past 16 years. In addition, the company claims that its expert traders generate returns five to eight times greater than the world’s best investors. This is a huge claim that seems impossible to support with evidence.


Novatech claims to offer a trading platform that complies with regulatory requirements. However, there are a few red flags to look out for. First, they switched from domain to in April 2023, which should raise some suspicions. Second, their management team includes Eddy and Cynthia Petion, who have been associated with a Ponzi scheme called AWS Mining. The company’s investment funds are allegedly doubled every six months, but these figures may be false. They are also likely using money from new investors to pay old ones, which is illegal.

In addition, they should be careful about investing in any online opportunities and only use reputable brokers. They should also check the Better Business Bureau’s database for any complaints against a company before investing. This will help protect their investments and avoid scams.


Novatech has been flagged by a number of authorities as a possible pyramid scheme. While they deny being an MLM or a pyramid, the company claims to offer a legitimate trading platform that generates a steady income stream. Despite these claims, many people have lost money investing in this company. They should contact their local authorities or seek legal advice to recover their losses. Investors who have lost money with Recover funds from Novatech should contact their local authorities and consider hiring a lawyer to discuss their options for recovering their losses.

In addition to its own trading platform, Novatech offers access to Metatrader 5. Although the website implies that they own and operate this software, the truth is that they do not. The software is owned by Metaquotes Software Corp and was created long before Novatech FX existed. While Novatech’s website says that they are a registered broker, their financial records are not transparent. The company also does not disclose their trades and is not audited by a third party. Furthermore, their address is located at a building that is not an office space.


Novatech claims to be a legitimate business, but there are several scams associated with them. The company uses high-pressure tactics and fake testimonials to lure unsuspecting investors. They often promise guaranteed returns and encourage victims to deposit money into untraceable accounts, such as cryptocurrency. Many victims have lost significant amounts of money. It’s also important to note that Novatech does not have a license to trade in the US. This is a serious red flag and a clear sign that the company may not be trustworthy.

Investors are also concerned about the company’s ability to deliver on its promises. They’ve complained of difficulty withdrawing funds and unresponsive customer service. In addition, some have reported that the company has hidden charges. This includes a $10 billion payout to the owner’s personal trading firm, which used customer funds to prop up the business. This is a violation of the law and could cost investors millions of dollars.


The Better Business Bureau file opens with a Memphis-based company that sells Panasonic office products. Other companies with similar names have been on government investment caution lists or scam warnings. The website claims returns from crypto and Forex trading, but their model looks more like a pyramid scheme. Their videos show comparatively few members strictly trading on their own; the majority appear to be recruiting and building downlines.