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You don’t have to raid your bank account to show your mother your gratitude and love. After all, you can make her an absolute pleasure even with little money. That’s why we’ve put together a budget-friendly Mother’s Day 2020 gift finder to help you find a unique gift that is guaranteed to make you smile.

The best Mother’s Day gifts for every budget

We have practically sorted our gift finder for Mother’s Day 2020 for you according to budget. Whether you are looking for a great little something for less than 25 euros, can spend a little more, or this time you even have a budget of over 50 euros available, you will find many gift ideas for your performance in our guide. We have a suitable item for you and your wallet.

These inexpensive gifts make Mother’s Day 2020 special

A present for Mother’s Day does not have to be expensive; it has to come from the heart. If you only have a limited budget this year, you can still put a big smile on your mom’s face with a Mothers day cakes online.

Illustration of a daughter showing her mother an inexpensive present for Mother’s Day 2020

 Phone case with a memory

You can choose a case to match the respective cell phone model, upload your favorite photo with an online tool and easily design an individual smartphone case. With our exclusive voucher, you can also get them at an absolutely special price.

 Something nutritious

For health-conscious mothers who love to do sports, the organic protein powder from Feelgood Shop is an ideal gift because it contains five different organic protein types that keep bones and muscles healthy. With our exclusive voucher code, you can get the powder for 17.99 euros instead of the regular price of 27.99 euros.

What about a Cake

If your mother likes to bake, you can order a Mother day cakes online or a recipe book; she’ll be happy about a new cookbook or baking book with great recipes. You can also find these in the sale at Thalia and save up to 80 percent on purchases. Our recommendation is “The Round Books: Cakes and Tarts” by Carla Bardi and Rachel Lane, with over 55 recipes for delicious cakes and tarts, such as the classic apple pie.

Surprise your mother with great gifts for 25 to 50 euros

It should be a little more than a small thing, but still not cost the world? From high-quality perfumes and jewelry to a tasteful bouquet, we have the perfect selection in our gift finder for mothers with excellent taste.


With the flower bouquet, you are guaranteed to give your mom a treat. The bouquet is lovingly hand-tied and offers a huge number of stems of the beautiful La Belle roses. These are combined with wax flowers, eucalyptus, Inca lilies, and pink snapdragons, making them a real eye-catcher.

You can even add a free greeting card to your order and, if you want, order the matching vase and a small gift such as chocolates along with special sweet Mother day cakes online. What a nice surprise!

How much budget should I plan for the perfect Mother’s Day gift?

It’s hard to say how much money to spend on Mother’s Day 2020. The amount, of course, depends on the gift idea.

The most popular and probably the most traditional gift was flowers (64.2 percent). Food that can be given away, such as chocolate, pralines, or other goodies, was placed in the shopping cart by 24.5 percent of consumers.

Also, perfume and cosmetics products were among the most popular gifts because these were given by 18.4 percent of respondents. Over 57.2 percent of the beauty articles were quickly and easily ordered online.


Of all the consumers who gave their mother a treat on this special occasion last year, 87.5 percent said they spend the holiday every year. So this day is full of nice surprises for many mothers every year. The creativity of the family is always in demand. So if you find an excellent present for your mother this year and don’t want to break your budget, then take a look at our practical gift finder.