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To assist the larger goal of an organization and the flexible needs of customers Microsoft has announced the new scope and recent prices for app streaming and transformed the name of the Windows Virtual Desktop service to Azure Virtual Desktop.

Following are some of the management features added along with the transformation of the name.

  • Modern scope for security

Microsoft is frequently expanding fresh facilities to the foundation Azure Virtual Desktop platform. The management has also declared new features that will help the company to initiate and regulate Azure Virtual installation in an adequate way.

  • Azure active directory

Azure Active Directory is significant assistance obtained by companies worldwide to organize the accessibility of crucial apps and data and regulate robust security controls. Microsoft has also declared that the Azure Virtual Desktop machines will be connected to the Azure Active Directory (AAD) and virtual machines from every device with the fundamental credentials.

For specific cases, this feature will help exclude the domain controller hence reducing the cost of streaming. This great feature is an opening towards complete integration with Azure Active Directory.  

  • Organize Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Endpoint Manager enables the administration of policies and dispersion of applications throughout the devices. You can now install Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session Azure Virtual Desktop virtual machines in Microsoft Endpoint Manager and organize them in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin spot.

This feature facilitates the administration and delivers a focused impression throughout both physical devices and virtual desktops.

  • Azure Portal Features

The management feature offers a flawless onboarding facility for Azure Virtual Desktop in the Azure portal. This fresh experience will substantiate provisions, and initiate an automated performance, and will also implement the best procedures. With only a limited click you can set up a full Azure Virtual Desktop setting in our Azure subscription.

  • Fresh pricing alternatives

Many organizations are utilizing Azure Virtual Desktop to onboard apps to their employees who are enclosed by prevailing license ownership. Moreover, many organizations are also preferring  Azure Virtual Desktop to transmit applications in the form of services to customers and business partners respectively.

The authority has declared a monthly per-user access pricing option to users of Virtual Desktop to deliver apps from the cloud to outside users. In this scenario, this feature would facilitate the software traders to transmit their app as a SaaS solution that can be used by their customers.

In expansion to the monthly user price for Azure Virtual Desktop, organizations also spend for Azure infrastructure services based on usage. This advancement in the pricing only pertains to outside user admission rights.

Organizations would proceed to spend for the essential Azure infrastructure. Organizations should proceed to use prevailing Windows license entitlements, such as Microsoft 365 E3 or Windows E3 and greater, for app onboarding to their employees.

  • Widespread work ecosystem

As a cloud VDI platform, Microsoft functions closely connected to their partners and authorizes them to create solutions that meet customers’ needs. Citrix and VMware assign desktop and app virtualization solutions that influence the Azure Virtual Desktop strategy capacities, such as Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session, and enable to increase the prevailing investments and utilize the tools and solutions which are usual.

The ecosystem facilitates partners who invent custom solutions and deliver technical consulting to help in onboarding with assurance. The management features of Azure Virtual Desktop are creating an uprising in the whole organizational structure.