Major Things To Know About Using Putlocker to Watch Online TV

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Using Putlocker to Watch Online TV

Putlocker is any of the many web hosting index sites used primarily for streaming media, especially music and movies, for free. The first site, developed in the United Kingdom in 2021, quickly grew to become millions of visitors per day once the closure of Megaupload was announced. As its popularity grew, so did its need for a powerful server hosting solution. With the additional millions it was bringing in, it became clear that putting on the server was not only necessary but financially profitable as well. Putlocker now offers several services to its users, including a file sharing service, a video conversion service, and the ability to host multiple domains.


While Megaupload and its close competitor filed for bankruptcy due to legal issues surrounding their service, putlocker has remained largely unaffected. Megaupload’s shutdown left putlocker without its biggest and most reliable source of traffic, but it is still flourishing. Its popularity comes from a number of factors, most notably the availability of quality movies and TV shows for download, along with an all-in-one user interface and reasonable price. While Megaupload and other cloud storage providers faced some harsh criticism due to the legality of their services, putlocker continues to operate legally according to current laws.

While it is true that there are other options, like Vimeo or Netflix, those sites do not allow a large percentage of their content to be downloaded for free, nor do they provide nearly the variety of content putlocker does. At the same time, putting any old videos on these sites can be a huge hassle. Vimeo, for example, requires users to have a VISA or MasterCard account, which may limit a person’s browsing ability or make purchasing DVDs or movies impossible.


Meanwhile, Netflix does not allow viewers to stream content directly from their servers, only from specific third-party websites. This means that a person can watch one movie from Furlong or Onavi, but they cannot stream the entire series from their website. As a result, many people who would rather watch a movie than not watch it at all have found these two methods to be inconvenient.

With Megaupload and other peer-to-peer services, people can watch films that they may not be able to buy or rent from an establishment. This is certainly more convenient than walking into the video store or drive-through window to purchase an expensive movie, but it still does not meet the needs of many people. Many people want to watch classic movies, but they do not always have the time to go to a video store and wait in line to purchase them.

For others, the convenience of downloading entire seasons of their favorite shows or even watching movies that they may have missed on cable television completely is a great alternative. In the case of individuals with a strong desire to watch original DVD quality films, putting putlocker offers an incredible opportunity to fulfill this desire.

One major issue with these sites is their legality. Some streaming sites are operating outside of the law because they download content for their own profit and to avoid paying the legal host websites. Megaupload and other sites have a different business model. While they do share some of their profits with their users, they also keep most of their profits within the confines of the law. Since Megaupload and other peer-to-peer sites share revenue with their clients according to how much they watch movies and download music, putting locker definitely has an edge over similar websites that run the risk of getting shut down by the legal system.

Final Ideas

Although there are many issues with the way in which putting locker functions online, including the legality of the site itself, people still love it. The fact that it allows them to stream entire seasons of their favorite shows or movies without having to purchase them, and they don’t have to pay a monthly fee for using putlocker only makes the site even more popular. Because of this, a great portion of the user base is actually using the website redirects to get to their favorite shows and movies. Because of this advantage, many people are unaware that they can take advantage of the same benefits that putlocker offers but instead choose to use the different methods for getting to their favorite shows and movies.

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