Lasik And Cataract Surgery At Orange County Lasik Institute

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LASIK is an eye surgery that uses lasers to correct vision problems caused by refractive errors. Those errors make it difficult for light rays to bend properly on your cornea and lens, which enables you to see clearly. LASIK is safe, but it is important to choose an experienced ophthalmologist to perform your procedure. He or she will review your candidacy, risks, benefits and alternatives, personally oversee each step of the procedure and answer all your questions.

1. Dr. Pham Is A Certified ILASIK Surgeon

Dr. Pham is a board certified eye surgeon who performs LASIK and cataract surgery at orange county lasik institute in San Diego, CA. He is known for his compassionate care and excellent results. His patients have praised his care for their eyes and for his skill. He is one of the most experienced and respected LASIK eye surgeons in the area. LASIK is a simple, safe procedure that dramatically reduces or eliminates a patient’s refractive error. The procedure consists of creating a thin flap in the surface of the eye, which is then reshaped with a laser. The new shape of the cornea allows the eye surgeon to precisely correct the patient’s vision.

2. We Check Many Of Your LASIK Tests Three Times Before Your LASIK Surgery – Check Three Times – Operate Once

LASIK is a safe and effective procedure for correcting vision problems caused by myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. It can also help people achieve monovision, where they can see near and far objects clearly with one eye. The first step in determining whether you are a candidate for LASIK is a thorough medical and ocular history. This information will tell your ophthalmologist about any systemic diseases that may affect your treatment.

3. We Are The First Practice In Orange County To Upgrade To IDesign Advanced Custom LASIK

LASIK, or laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, has become one of the most common vision correction procedures to correct nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. Millions of patients around the world have enjoyed clear, crisp vision after undergoing this procedure. iDesign is a smarter, more powerful LASIK system that measures wavefront refraction (prescription), topography (corneal maps), wavefront aberrometry (higher order aberrations) and keratometry (corneal steepness) in one device. This improves your comfort and the efficiency of our consultation process by taking all five tests in one measurement that takes seconds!

iDesign also makes your treatment safer by automatically incorporating your cornea’s steepness into the laser treatment. This reduces the likelihood of induced spherical aberrations that can cause glare and night vision problems.

4. We Are The First Practice In Orange County To Upgrade To IDesign 2.0

We are the first practice in Orange County to upgrade to iDesign 2.0, the most advanced and highest definition way of mapping and treating your eye. This innovative technology takes five tests in one – including wavefront refraction, topography, keratometry, and a fancy fangled measure of pupil size in both bright light and low light conditions! iDesign is the best and most cost effective way to improve your vision and make you more productive at work and play. Call or e-mail us today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation with an Orange County LASIK surgeon. During your visit, you’ll learn more about the latest and greatest in LASIK eye surgery. We’ll help you decide if this life changing treatment is right for you.

5. We Are The First Practice In Orange County To Upgrade To IDesign 3.

At the orange county lasik institute, we are proud to be the first practice in Orange County to upgrade to iDesign Advanced Custom LASIK. This new technology allows us to detect and correct any imperfections that might occur during your LASIK procedure.

This technology is based on wavefront mapping, which maps out every single flaw that may be in your eye. This enables us to program your treatment to target these flaws so that your cornea will be corrected precisely and effectively.

The new system also allows our LASIK surgeons to treat higher levels of astigmatism and a wider range of pupil sizes during your LASIK surgery. This means that more people will be eligible to undergo the laser vision correction procedure. And that will mean better results for you!

What’s Next?

LASIK is one of the safest and most popular elective surgical procedures in the world. LASIK is an excellent vision correction treatment that allows people to see clearly without wearing glasses or contact lenses. The Orange County LASIK Institute is proud to offer topographically custom wavefront-guided LASIK using the new iDesign 2.0 system!