Kid’s cycles under 10000

Kid’s cycles under 10000 INR that can be purchased online at the best price

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Love cycling and planning mountaineering adventures or any other places? Then, you need the best gear bike cycle that will allow you to ride every surface. There are lots of bike cycles available on the market that you can use. 

However, picking up the most suitable ones will be a challenging task for you. You have to consider your budget as well as need to research well in order to avoid making a mistake. Fortunately, here we will review some of the tops bike cycles under 10000. For your knowledge, we want to inform you that the mountain bike price is comparatively low than any other bike cycle. 

Best Bike Cycles Under 10000

Here we have prepared a list of the best five recommended bike cycles under 10,000. Read on to grab the detailed information. 

Leader Scout MTB 26T Mountain Bike

It’s a single-speed mountain bike and is specifically designed for men. This gearless cycle comes with a soft rubber grip to offer a comfortable ride to the ridder. Also, it has a height-adjustable PU saddle along with reinforced plastic shells ensuring a relaxed sitting position for different height people. The braking system is specifically designed to quickly use on different surfaces. One of the most significant advantages of the leader Scout 26T bike cycle is that anybody can afford this mountain bike price. 

Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed 18 inches Frame

One of the best and excellent mountain bike cycles under 10000.  It has  18 inches frame which means both kids and adults can ride this mountain bike. Besides, Hero Kyoto 26T bike comes with reliable single-speed drive transmission as well as designed with rigid suspension features. The high-density steel material allows riders to ride in urban areas. Apart from this, the ideal daily computer features multiple light factors to provide safety at night.  When you compare this mountain bike price with other bikes, you will understand the price differences. 

Hercules Roadeo Hannibal (26T) 21 Mountain Cycle

To start with, Hercules Roadeo Hannibal 26T is one of the most on-demand mountain gear bikes cycles that you can use on every type of road. Hercules 21 mountain bike is designed with an aluminum -alloy frame that provides utmost durability. One of the most significant advantages of this bike cycle is that it is pre-assembled-means you don’t have to spend unnecessary money before using it. The frame size is 18 inches while the wheel size is 26-inches which helps riders run this bike cycle under any circumstance. Also, the mountain bike price is pocket-friendly with Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card.

BSA Unisex Photon Ex with Bar End Road Bike Bicycle

 We include the BSA Unisex bike cycle in the list of top bike cycles under 10000.  In order to enhance the riding comfort, the BSA bike cycle is designed with a classic frame. On top of this, the SLR while-walled durable nylon tires make the ridding quick and comfortable. Apart from this,  the MTB -style bar ends provides a sporty look, as well as the pedal reflectors, make sure security while ridding on the night. 

Geekay Hashtag Mountain Bicycle Non-Gear 26 T Inch Wheel Dual Disc Brake

 The Greekay Hashtag is a sleek and stylish mountain bike cycle. It is designed with a lightweight high tensile rim offering an unstoppable ridding. Besides, the dual disc brakes offer quick and stable riding during the night. Also, you can easily avail of this bike as the mountain bike price is quite affordable. 


These are some of the top bike cycles under 10000.  However, as per a survey, mountain bike price is quite low compared to other bike cycles. Henceforth, if you want a bike cycle, you can purchase it from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card. Remember that, Bajaj Finserv offers an affordable mountain bike price and you can purchase it in more than 2900 cities around India.