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Is Group Study helpful for students?

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With multiple mixed opinions on whether group studies are helpful for students or not, let us understand their importance, advantages, and effectiveness. Most teachers and students believe group studies are simply an excuse to have quality time in a friend circle. Studies and practical experience have shown that although the sole purpose of a group study is supposed to be focusing on a particular subject before examinations or only to complete an assignment, students end up having a bit too much fun.

Besides this, we also observe that students perform better and participate in healthy competition when they have a collective goal to follow during group study sessions.

Importance of group study

As discussed earlier, we are under the impression that a group study leads to students chit-chatting with each other or participating in other entertaining activities rather than focusing on learning. This misconception usually arises because of some students who have popularized the drawbacks and challenges of group studies. When done right, it is an effective learning session in comparison to self-study hours. Let’s have a look at its top advantages;

Concept clearing

Teachers are always ready to sit in one-to-one or group sessions with their students for concept-clearing sessions. School ERP software is also present in these digital times to make learning more accessible. However, students might clear their concepts and understand the subject better when they come together to study and form real-life examples. Since a young person has a different perception of the world, they can explain a subject and relate it to real life.

Improved grades

When left alone for self-study sessions, students often face difficulty in solving questions. They either have low confidence or need extra guidance. Despite the challenge, it is always easy to complete assignments and homework in a group because every person can finish some parts since they have different potentials. Working in a group combines all of their efforts, and they feel equally motivated by observing each other work hard. This automatically leads to improved grades.

A deeper understanding of the subject matter

There will always be some students with a better subject depth and perception, capable of understanding and summarizing the topics. Not every student learns from the same resources or views the subject in the same light. That is why when they come together and discuss it after their personal study sessions, they can share their perceptions and knowledge to have a broader insight.

Promotes communication and spirit of teamwork

Both these are extremely important soft skills that flourish among students only when they learn to work with each other, cooperating, communicating, and coordinating to accomplish a common goal. In the group study sessions, students learn to have patience and flourish in a shared environment. It is just another small step that helps them learn the ways of life, especially after employment.

Advantages of group study

Importance and advantages are different in the sense that the importance shows why students should practice it, and the benefits are the outcome of holding a group study session important and practicing it.

  • Students procrastinate less and look up to completing work with one another. It is either due to the healthy competition with the group members or because they would want to share their insights with the members present in a group study.
  • Understanding concepts is difficult when studying alone, but in a group environment, they learn faster and absorb information better.
  • Sharing notes, learning resources, answers, extensive essays, and important pointers.
  • Learning new tricks every day to study, practice, and develop soft skills.

Guide to form a Study Group

We cannot just pick random members from a classroom, or friends circle to make an effective study group. there are some rules that students must abide by to increase the effectiveness of every study session when they get together. Sometimes, a school ERP can also provide separate chat rooms for virtual study groups.

By the rule of thumb, the group should have at least five members and not more than 7. Having ten members is also acceptable, considering they don’t overcrowd the learning environment. Since it is not a classroom, they are allowed to have fun but with certain restrictions and goals in mind that need to be completed within the given time constraint. Without a proper goal, every group study session is unsuccessful.


The benefits and importance of a group study might be many, but it ultimately depends on the learning pattern and styles of students that decide the effectiveness of every learning session. However, when looking for new and quick methods to study effectively, a group learning session can help.