How Would You Buy Your First Ever Swimwear Online?

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The changing room trials are not a fun experience for all, with long queues of people waiting impatiently for their turn. The jitters often lead to picking an item that doesn’t fit well and needs replacing.

Buying your first-ever swimwear shouldn’t be done in a rush. You want to take time to decide the style, colour, fabric, and fit. Hence, ordering online allows you to relax and go through a wide array of options that would suit your body type, style, and budget. 

However, buying without trial also has several disadvantages, as you may have to rely on the size chart or take chances with cuts and designs. So, take note of the things below and be confident about your swimsuit purchase.

How to find your size?

Buying swimwear online can be tricky, with different size measures for various brands. So, for each brand, you must check the size chart and have a point of reference.   

You can use a soft tape or length string to get the measurements. Make sure the tape doesn’t dig into your skin, as you want a comfortable swimsuit that makes you look flattering.

Customer service support can also guide you through the process if you feel unsure about taking your measurements.

What material should you look for?

A combination of elastane or lycra and nylon is commonly used in swimsuits. Choosing a high-quality fabric with oil, pill, and UV-resistant features is your best bet.

You must also consider the sheerness of the fabric and how it might appear after you’ve taken a dip. Pictures can give you some hints. You can even reach out to customer support executives to better understand the product.

How should you pick the swimsuit top?

First, you must have clarity about the look you want. If you like a bit of oomph, you can get cup inserts. Bralette styles add structure and create an illusion of fuller busts that could be ideal for small-busted women.

A sports-style top is a must-have for bigger-chested women. However, if you’re not a fan of such a compressed look, you can pick tops with wide bands under the bust with crisscrossed back closures.

What design details do you need to look at?

You need to consider the activities you’ll be doing in your swimwear. If you plan on indulging in water sports, high-neck tops and the no-slip leg opening will suit you best. For a custom fit, you must go for adjustability features that can help you tighten and loosen some straps and change how you look.

Be sure to go through product descriptions and consider everything you would not like in your swimsuit to make the right purchase.

How should you care for the swimsuit?

If you wish to wear your favourite bikini more than a couple of times, you must take good care of it. First, wash it carefully to remove the chlorine, sunscreen residue, and sea salt. But don’t use hot water as it may break down the elastics and fibres and make it saggy.

For drying, you can hang the swimsuits on the line. It will be even better if you lay them flat to retain their actual shape.

Shopping for swimsuits online has many benefits you can start exploring as you make your first purchase. You might be in for a surprise if you’re buying around the time of festivities, as many brands offer special deals and discounts. However, you may come across brands and a variety of designers that you’ve not heard of, so check the reviews before finalising a purchase.