Best Study abroad Scholarship Essay

How to Write the Best Study abroad Scholarship Essay

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Scholarships essays are applications that will give you a chance to study abroad. You will need to compose an excellent scholarship essay to get this chance, so ensure you get it right. It is not an easy task, even for those with incredible writing skills. However, the innovation of technology has made things easy for those writing the essays. In this article, we are going to provide tips that will ensure you write an excellent study abroad scholarship essay.

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Tips for writing an excellent study abroad scholarship essay

Avoid one size fits all scholarship essays.

You are likely to be writing an application for more than one study abroad scholarship.  So you need to ensure you write essays that will suit all the apps you are writing on. After writing the essays, send them to everyone. However, it is complicated for an essay to satisfy all the scholarship applications. Essays are mostly personal, and each institution you are applying for are looking for different things.

Take your time to write a scholarship essay that will meet the demands of every school you are writing for.

Make a list of the requirements.

Start with the university at home that you attended and move to other external providers. Go the career offices in your university and determine the eligibility of the applicant, requirements, what is available, and the deadline. Go to the Google search and look for the study abroad scholarships. You will find an extensive list of the scholarships available.

Know your audience

Familiarize yourself with what the admission committee is looking for in you. Do significant research on the things they are looking for in you. Most of the time, the committee provides a question that will guide you on the requirements keep in mind this aspect when writing your essay. Look at what institutions do, offer, contribute, and how the things are crucial to them, mission, and vision statements.

Take your time

No essay will be great if it is just written overnight. A scholarship essay needs a lot of time. Start as early as a week before. It will help you create the outlines and a rough draft for your essay. Take your time again for editing the work. Go through the essays of the past winners that you may get on their websites, like the best essay writing services. Go through the areas that have discussed how you will be evaluated.

Ensure you are answering the question

Most people fail to get the scholarship since they fail to answer the set for them. You may rush in answering the question and feel that you have responded to it but go through it very carefully and thoroughly before you start answering the question.

For example, ‘ name the circumstances that led you to challenge an idea? If you go through this question quickly, you may think that it is stating that you explained the time when you decided to study law against the wishes of your parents. However, if you read the question and interpret it deeply, you will know that it asks you the circumstances that made you challenge an idea, your reasons behind it.

Be personal

The scholarship essay is all about you. Take your time and dig deeper into what makes you. You have all the things that you will be able to show the committee that you are the candidate they are looking for.  Give them a time when you volunteered doing a particular work. Give the committee the reasons behind your volunteering.

Use the online tools that will help you write your scholarship essay

Don’t write an essay alone or do not attempt to write if you are not able. Many online platforms will help you write a scholarship essay or provide you with more tips on writing your essay. They include essay map, thesis generator, PaperHelp, EssayPro, and many more.

Avoid Generic Statements at all cost.

Avoid statements such as  ‘ I need to explore new cultures.’ Write about the stories such as how you be-friended a person that was feared in your area. Use short stories and personal experiences to bring out your interests alive.

Include a Plan to Give up

Show how you will use the experience you will get from the study to help those back home. State if you will send back home short videos about your relevant expertise in the country and have a blog or website for all your experience. Have a photography exhibition.

Ask for permissions from professionals

Talk to the expert about your essay, and if they can act as a referee for your essay, ensure that they have accepted, they will help you. Give them your essay to and a piece of short information about you and why you qualify for the scholarship. It will help them write a very good recommendation letter for you. 

Proofread through the essay

Before sending the application, make sure you have read through it carefully. You will be able to correct the mistakes arising from it. All the grammar, punctuation, spelling, and all the errors will be corrected. Read it aloud to your family and friends so that they can fix you where mistakes arise. After correcting, give it to experts such as your professors to go through it. They will provide feedback on all the areas that are needing corrections and if it fits to send.

Apply early

Make sure that you send your application on time and early. The applications will not be reviewed by machines but humans who may be having other jobs. Do not send it on the deadline day as it may not be read since the people who need to check them may be busy with their work. It will make them skim through your paper hence missing out on the scholarship.


Writing a scholarship essay is not an easy task. You need to impress the committee that you are the best candidate for the scholarship. In this article, we have covered all the tips that will enable you to write a compelling scholarship essay.