Turn a Bike Ride Into a Workout

How To Turn a Bike Ride Into a Workout

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For a lot of people, bike riding is a fun way to get around for short- to medium-distance trips. Perhaps you ride your bike along trails in the woods or take it along the boardwalk to grab an ice cream cone. However, biking can, of course, also be a great workout. Whether you want to lose weight, build up your strength or just keep your heart and lungs healthy, bike riding is an excellent option.

Biking as a Workout

Riding a bike is a really good cardiovascular workout. That means that it requires your heart, lungs and blood vessels to work really hard to deliver oxygen around your body. The result is burning around 400 calories per hour. At the same time, you will be building strength in your legs, hips and glutes.

Of course, to realize these benefits, you need to push yourself while you ride. Cycling along at a casual pace won’t offer much exercise (though it can be really enjoyable!). Interestingly, even use eBikes good workout results are possible. Just because a motor is helping doesn’t mean that you can’t push yourself. In fact, for people who may be just getting started, an eBike may be the perfect option because you can go all out without risking being worn out and stranded.

Where To Ride

The good news with biking workouts is that you can do them almost anywhere. It doesn’t matter much whether you are taking on a mountain trail, a bike path or a road. You can even ride indoor with a stationary bicycle, although that tends to be less fun.

For a lot of people, the best cycling workout for weight loss tends to be somewhere outdoors and interesting. Traveling tends to make it easier to push through a workout compared to being stationary indoors. However, everyone’s preferences are different. Mountain biking specifically is a great cardio workout, as long as your bike is equipped with proper mountain tyres.

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Work is the operative word in workout. Exercising, whether it is jogging, riding a bike or lifting weights, is tiring and difficult, especially when you first start. Most people begin to get into working out and enjoy the health and wellness benefits that come with it. However, reaching that point can be difficult.

So, set yourself up for success by pairing your workouts with good nutrition. If your goal is to lose weight, you can’t rely on exercise alone. It needs to be paired with a healthy diet. The same is true for building muscle, although you will want to feed your body extra calories in that case.

Additionally, you should make sure to get the right bike. Having a comfortable ride that is well-suited to your body will make exercising much easier. For example, if you are a tall man, don’t use a womens bike just because you have one around the house. It is worthwhile investing in a bike that will be comfortable for you.

Finally, keep track of your progress and celebrate your milestones. Exercise is tough, but it is something to be seriously proud of.

Get Started Today

With the above advice in mind, you are ready to start using your bike riding for exercise. Once you get started, you will begin feeling the benefits before you know it.