how to transfer QuickBooks to a new computer

Transfer QuickBooks to a New Computer Easily

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Want to know how you can transfer QuickBooks to a new computer easily? We are here to help you by providing all the easy steps on how to transfer QuickBooks to a new computer. You can easily use the migratory tool to transfer QuickBooks from old to new with a maximum of three files.

When you install a newer or the same QuickBooks version on a new computer by using the steps given below, you can transfer a backup of the old system company Send large files free. Now, to know more about this read the posts till the end. 

Requirements to Transfer QuickBooks To New Computer

There are some basic requirements that need how to transfer the QuickBooks to new computers, follow the below-mentioned list:-

  • When the installation is done then you have to register for the software and make sure that your new system has connected with the good internet service.
  • When you take all the backups of the QuickBooks company file then uninstall the QuickBooks desktop from the old system. 
  • It is also required to keep the QuickBooks installation disk or the setup file stored on an external device. 
  • The licence and product registration details are important for the transfer. 
  • It also required an external storage device to store the QuickBooks desktop file. 
  • You have a USB flash drive with more free space to keep the QuickBooks files. The approx. the requirement is 15 to 250 MB. 

Steps to Transfer QuickBooks To Another Manually

Here are the following steps that how to transfer the QuickBooks to a new computer manually, follow the steps correctly:-

Steps 1- Take Backup of Company File and QuickBooks License

  • It is recommended to take the backup of the company file and product license to the external storage. 
  • In the new computer, install the latest released QuickBooks version. 
  • Then, download and restore the backup file. 
  • When the data is transferred then uninstall the QuickBooks software. 

Steps 2- Restore Backup of Company File

  • First of all, install the QuickBooks on a new computer. 
  • Then, insert the storage device. 
  • Now, open the QuickBooks and go to the File menu and select the open and restore company tab. 
  • Click on the restore the backup copy and tap on the next. 
  • After that, to restore the backup from an external device, click on the local backup tab and go to the backup file that creates in the old computer. 
  • Now, select the location on a new system to save the backup file and then click on the Save button. 

Steps to Reinstall QuickBooks to New Computer

Follow the below steps on how to transfer the QuickBooks to new computers:-

Run Migrator Tool to Transfer

To reinstall or move the QuickBooks desktop to a new computer, the migrator tool will be helpful for you by using a manual process. The transfer process is carried out into two parts, but ensure that to have access to the admin user. This process is only performed by using the admin credentials.

Migrator Tool Basics

Here is the basis of the migrator tool that how this tool works:

  • Initially, you have to create a difficult password to unlock all files that are copied to a new computer.  
  • Then, the tool will copy the last 3 company files opened to a USB flash drive. 
  • Now, use the flash drive for moving the files and other technical work would be carried out by this tool. 
  • Then, this tool will download the right version of QuickBooks to the new system and set it up with files. 

Note that: the Migrator tool will not reform the drive or erase other files. 

Steps For Setup and Using Migrator Tool

Follow the steps for setting up and using the migrator tools:

Steps 1- For Old Computer

  • Firstly, you have to download the migrator tool to your system and save the QuickBooks Migrator tools on a USB flash drive. You can also download it from the official website of Intuit. 
  • Then, plug in the USB drive to the old system. 
  • Now, move to the Files > Utilities > more QuickBooks to another system and click on the I’m Ready option. 
  • After that, you have to create a complex password to secure your company file. Make sure you always remember the password when you plugin USB because this is a one-time password. 
  • Then, follow the instructions that appear on your screen to start the process of copying. 
  • It may take time to complete the process depending on the size of the company file between 150 to 250 MB. 

Step 2- For New Computer

  • When you insert the USB drive, the migrator tool will not start automatically due to security protocol. You have to run it manually. 
  • Then, open the flash drive and search for the Move_QuickBooks.bat file and start it. 
  • After that, enter the one-time password and wait for the tool to complete the process. 

Note that: when the process is complete the QuickBooks migrator tool file will be deleted automatically. It is recommended to change the name of the file on the old system to avoid any mess. 

  • Now, move to the Help option and tap on the Register QuickBooks. 
  • Lastly, type all the essential details such as phone number, postal code, and license key to complete the registration. 

Final Words!

In this article, we discuss How to Transfer QuickBooks to a New Computer Easily. We hope that this will be helpful for you and follow all the steps correctly to transfer QuickBooks to a new computer easily. If you want to know more or are facing any issue then visit our other post also to resolve them.