Tie Fishing Line to Reel

How to Tie Fishing Line to Reel: A Guide for Beginners

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There are certainly some rules on how to tie a fishing line to the reel. It doesn’t seem very easy if you don’t know the correct procedures. Find the best fishing tips on Canada read here at theodysseyonline.com.

For different types of reels, the system might vary a little. Everyone has their way to line up the reel. But some easy techniques can save you from the unwanted hustle.

If you don’t want to damage the line or tangle it, you should maintain a simple process. Step by step, all the procedures for different reels will be discussed.

Fishing Line to Reel

Selecting your line

You need to choose your line depending on the type of water and baits. The types of lines are given below:

  • The monofilament line is the single-strand line, which is stretchy. It is best suited for live baits.
  • Fluorocarbon lines are similar to monofilament lines. They are also suitable for live baits. It becomes difficult for fish to see the fluorocarbon lines underwater. You can find a lot of options for the fluorocarbon fishing line. You can choose the best fluorocarbon fishing line among them by searching and buying it at a reasonable price.
  • Braided line is another option. It is expensive and not stretchy like the other ones.

How to tie a fishing line to reel 

There are many reasons for the damage to your fishing reel. Even if you don’t use the reels and leave them in the store for a long time, the reels will deteriorate. So, you have to change the fishing line.

Get everything ready to tie line to your reel. You need some simple elements for that:

  • Spinning fishing reel
  • Spinning fishing rod
  • Fishing line spool 
  • Scissors

To find the best way to put a new line on the fishing reel, you must know about your reel type and fishing line. This concept will guide you in the right way to tie the fishing line. 

Tying line to a spinning reel

In case you are using a spinning reel, you have to choose what type of line you will be using. As stated before, there are a few options. Mostly a braided line is used on a spinning reel.

But they are expensive. So, you can use a mono and braided together. You have to follow some steps to understand how to tie braided line to a spinning reel.

  • Firstly, you have to check the direction to which the bale spins. For instance, if the bale is spinning in a clockwise manner, your spool will also have to unwrap in a clockwise way. This system reduces the possibility of twisting.

If it still doesn’t match the direction, then you can turn over the spool.

  • For tying the new line, you have to lift the bail arm. Then, you have to start threading the end of the line. Rotate the line around the reel. You have to make an overhand knot around the mainline.
  • Make another overhand knot that is close to the tip of the loose end. Tighten up the knot around the reel, cutting the extra part from the end.
  • You have to make sure that your reel is secured. For that, if your reel is short in radius, tie an extra electric tape to secure the line.
  • Place your line between the fingers to keep it rigid while you fill more on the reel.
  • After that, curl up the loops back on reel lines. If the line seems alright to you, then you can finish it there. If somehow that doesn’t happen, you have to repeat the former steps. Ensure that the line’s loops coming off the line’s spool are curling onto the reel spool in the same direction.  
  • A soft piece of cloth and place the line in the cloth, approximately adjusting with your eyes. With the use of sufficient pressure help the spool not to slip the line. It will help you to reel very quickly.
  • Stop filling the reel once it is about a quarter-inch from the edge.


By following, the steps you will know how to tie braided line to the reel. Not only for braided lines but also you can follow the steps for monofilament lines. But there are some differences in technique in case you vary the lines. 

How to tie line to bait cast reel

You can buy a reel filling station from a shop to grab your line’s spool for a bait-casting reel. You can use a pencil in the new spool and ask someone to hold it.

Keep filling it till a quarter inch of the outer edge. Exert a slight pressure on the line, so it does not get all fragile and tangled.


Now, you can understand the steps on how to tie a fishing line to the reel. Most of the techniques are interrelated to one another. There is no such variation in tying fishing lines to reel.

Mostly, the techniques differ due to the change of line. The fishing line is the main factor in tying the line to the reel. If you can become a little bit careful about it, you will get slight differences. 

If you can use some of the tactics, you will quickly learn to tie a fishing line to the reel. Just follow the simple steps and act according to your comfort. Following any of these tricks, you can find your way out to tie the reel.