Plus-size Women’s Clothes

Tips and Tricks on How to Shop for Plus-size Women’s Clothes

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FINALLY! A growing number of high street brands have broadened their vision and acceptance by making clothes for all shapes and sizes. The seamless underwear manufacturer industry has been promoting a specific type of body type for centuries which has led to many complexes and stereotypes in the society that we live in today. But thankfully things are changing slowly but surely. 

Clothing brands are designing outfits that are way more inclusive in sizing which is a great step for the eradication of body discrimination. Plus-size women have been subjected to a very hostile and unsympathetic retail environment where their last resort has been shopping from the men’s aisle or getting extremely oversized clothes to hide their amazing curves.

Plus-size women wish to have a wide range of outfits that hug their body and accentuate those parts, resulting in a more flattering overall appearance. The beautiful and sexy curves are not something everyone has and trust me you’re beautiful, hot and super sexy in your own right. 

Clothing items like black long sleeve dress or boss-lady style blazers shed just the right amount of light on your assets all the while steering the attention away from parts that you’re not-so-confident about. 

I know loving your curves and embracing them with full conviction can sometimes be hard but don’t let anyone know about those days, in fact take a cue from our Queen Rihanna, “pretend on days when you don’t feel confident because it’s either that or crying yourself to sleep and who wants to do that!”

Plus size clothing choices are relatively new so many women don’t even know what they are looking for in order to make things work for their body type. Well, don’t fret all you amazing women out there because I have your back. In this article I will let you in on all the secrets, tips and tricks that will allow you to rock anything from a women’s two piece swimsuit to a short ruffled dress. So, let’s get the party started, shall we?

Tips and Tricks on How to Shop Plus-size Women Clothes

Generally articles and blog posts tend to just throw in some outfit choice according to the generic body types like hourglass, pear shape, apple shape and so on. But that’s not what I’m going to do for women who have a little more to love.

  1. Use Fashion to Your Advantage

Fashion is different for everyone, for some it’s shopping blindly off the racks, for some it’s the runway clothes, for some it’s what the celebrities are wearing and for some it’s what they are comfortable in. But for a plus-size woman fashion is what makes her look flattering, styling and confident. 

Buy clothes that you feel confident in, not the ones that everyone else is buying. If you feel wearing a jumpsuit makes you conscious of your curves, ditch it instead opt for a black long sleeve dress. Use fashion as an inspiration and try to maneuver it to create your very own exclusive style.

  1. Wear all Colors and not Just Black

 I often see plus-size women resorting to a very gloomy color story for all their outfits. I know dark colors make you look slenderer and slimmer rather than curvaceous. But if being a plus-size woman you’re self-conscious of what you’re, then people will never accept you for what you’re, they’ll always try to tell you otherwise. Where bright colors but with the correct dress style. 

Wear jeans that are a perfect fit for your body type and then top it off with a bright color, sexy blouse or tee or sweatshirt. This will accentuate your curves but also highlight your waistline.

  1. Wear Outfits That are a Perfect fit for your Body Type

Another misconception and common practice among plus-size women is that they either tend to buy clothes that are too big or much fitted in style, both of which are a total no-go. Every plus woman should wear clothes that are a perfect fit for her body type, I mean that the fitting should be on the right areas and not all over. 

Same goes for oversized clothing, buying outfits that just makes you look like a sac is not going to do any good to your look, make sure you buy clothes that highlight your assets like the full bust or full hips. Wearing clothes that are a fit for your body will allow you to feel comfortable and confident.

  1. Don’t Forget to Wear High Heels

Don’t underestimate the power of high heels, they give you a boost of confidence, a dose of empowerment and a shot of a few inches. High heels will correct posture, allowing you to look straight, tall and slender. 

It will also elongate your legs and give an illusion of a slim figure. If you don’t feel confident wearing stilettos then wear platform heels, block heels or wedges but do add those extra inches to your outfit and thank me later.

  1. Ditch Tiny or Bold Graphic Prints

As a plus-size woman you can wear anything you want to but you just have to be mindful about certain dos and don’ts. Prints are a very common thing on women’s clothing and you can’t run away from them, but you have to opt for the right size and scale of prints. 

Steer clear of prints that are too small and scattered. Choose prints that are proportionate to your body size in order to make things work in a smooth flow. Too scattered or small prints disturb the flow of things and make the appearance off.

A Word from MISSLOLA

Lastly, I want you to really spend some bucks on accessories for your look. The right shoes, bags, sunglasses, earring and belts help in accentuating the outfit making you feel confident, stylish and beautiful. Choose Plus-size women clothing from MISSLOLA at the best prices and maximum variety to choose from.

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