How to Keep Your Beagle Puppy Happy and Healthy

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Puppies have a lot of energy. If they do not release this energy, it can lead to behavioral problems. So, taking them for walks and playing with them regularly is essential. Teaching them to track things is a fun way of getting their noses busy! It also helps with their mental health.

Take Care of Your Pup’s Health

A beagle puppy need constant care to keep it healthy. This is especially true if they are still growing. If they start to eat less than usual or lose weight, it is a sign of trouble and needs to be taken to the vet as soon as possible. Pups are prone to infections and other health issues, so it’s essential to take them to the vet regularly. They should also be weighed daily to ensure they are growing at a healthy rate. New pups should be given a canine milk substitute in a bottle if the mother is unavailable. If they’re not eating enough, it can cause malnutrition. Exercise is also essential for beagles. They can have a lot of energy, so letting them burn it off through play and walks is essential. If they’re pent-up, they can become destructive or act aggressively. Exercise also helps build core muscles that help support their bodies as they grow.

Take Care of Your Pup’s Feeding

Puppies eat every 3-4 hours and should be fed in a quiet place. Keep the pup warm until it starts eating, but be careful not to overheat it. Heating pads can become dangerously hot unless used on the lowest setting and covered with a towel. Pups need to nurse regularly to receive antibodies to protect them from germs. If they aren’t nursing, it may indicate a problem with milk flow or quality. Make sure to schedule regular feedings and exercise times. Irregular schedules can cause your beagle to feel irritable and exhibit aggressive behavior. Beagles need plenty of exercise to release their energy, get fresh air, and smell new scents. Exercise can also help them avoid excessive chewing and barking behaviors. We recommend at least two brisk walks per day for your beagle. It is also essential to bring your puppy to the vet for a wellness exam every year, especially for their annual glaucoma screening.

Exercise Your Pup Regularly

Beagles are very active dogs, so you must find a way to release their pent-up energy. Regular exercises, such as long walks and playtime, can do this. This can also be done through training sessions, such as teaching them to fetch or play with a frisbee. Be careful not to over-exercise a puppy, as this can interrupt the average growth of their bones. It’s usually recommended that you take your beagle for at least one brisk walk daily.

If your beagle can run free in a fenced yard or a secure area, it can effectively help them burn off some of their energy. However, you should always be present with them when they are off-leash. This is to prevent them from running off after a scent and getting lost, or worse, being hit by a car.

Take Care of Your Pup’s Dental Care

Taking care of your pup’s dental health is essential. This includes brushing his teeth (a dog finger toothbrush works well for this), providing chew toys and treats, ensuring that he has regular professional cleanings, and scheduling routine vet checkups. When not cleaned, plaque hardens into tartar which clings to all surfaces of the teeth, even underneath the gum line. Tartar erodes enamel, which in turn causes decay. If left untreated, tooth loss, infection, and abscesses can occur. The best way to prevent your pup from developing severe dental issues is to make oral hygiene a daily/weekly habit as soon as you bring him home. If he has already developed tooth decay, you can minimize the damage by feeding him food with a high rating, giving him lots of chew toys, and limiting his intake of sweet treats. Adding a dental powder cleanser to his water is another easy and effective way to keep his teeth clean.

Take Care of Your Pup’s Skin and Coat

Beagles are active and energetic dogs who need lots of exercise to release their energy. If they do not get enough exercise, they may become irritable and exhibit inappropriate behaviors like chewing or barking. Make sure your beagle gets plenty of quality exercise daily by taking him on a brisk walk or playing with him in the backyard. You should also train him early to learn to obey commands. Dogs need regular brushing and grooming to keep their coats healthy and smelling fresh. In addition, beagles need their ears cleaned regularly to avoid ear infections. Beagles are prone to hip dysplasia and other genetic diseases, so you must take them for regular veterinary checkups. This will help your veterinarian spot any issues and treat them before they worsen.

Take Care of Your Pup’s Ears

Since beagles’ ears hang down, they can develop ear infections or other issues due to trapped moisture and dirt. Clean their ears at least twice weekly with vet-recommended ear cleaners and cotton balls. Get them used to the routine at an early age so cleaning doesn’t become a stressful task in their adult years. Other health issues that may affect beagles include hip dysplasia, which results from the improper development of your pup’s hip joint, and neck pain syndrome, which can cause a wobbly drunken walk. Medications, exercises, weight control, and neck braces can help manage these conditions.