How To Get Singapore PR Approval

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If you’re interested in getting a Singapore PR approval, there are several important factors to consider. This is why a holistically outstanding profile that emphases one’s career, job stability, and education will increase your chances of getting approval for your PR application. ICA also wants to see that you’re integrated into society and can contribute economically. 


ICA does not publicly disclose what makes you qualify to become a Singapore PR. But there are some common factors: A strategic management level position at work, a tertiary education from a local university, and community involvement (volunteering or charitable donations).

You must also make sure that you are not carrying out any illegal activities. Finally, you should have a medical check-up and healthcare insurance in place. ICA will verify the original documents that you uploaded during your application, and this process usually takes an hour. You will be provided with a checklist of verification documents in your IPA letter, and you must bring these to the appointment.

Work Experience

As a Singapore PR holder, you are free from the constraints of your work visa and can seek employment opportunities in any company in Singapore. In addition, you can also start your own business in Singapore. You are also able to make contributions to your CPF account and be covered by MediShield. The longer you have been residing in Singapore, the better it is for your PR application. This is because ICA takes into consideration your economic contribution and roots to the country. The factors that they consider are your salary, career progression, job stability and your industry. They also take into consideration your social contributions, such as doing volunteer work and making charitable donations. Showing how you have assimilated into the local society and lifestyle is a good way to approach the PR application.


When applying for PR, it is important to show that you have a good personal life. This can include participation in community events and volunteering for non-profit organisations. It also helps to show that you are interested in Singapore culture. It is a good idea to include your entire family in the application, as this shows your commitment to Singapore. You should also ensure that any male children you have are enrolled in national service as required. Recommendation letters from friends and professional colleagues can boost your application. However, the number of testimonials should not be excessive. If any of your documents are written in a language other than English, you should get them translated.

Medical Check-Up

Applicants are required to undergo a medical check-up in Singapore, which checks for diseases like HIV and tuberculosis. This is a key step in securing a Singapore PR, especially for foreign individuals who are working on a pass like the S Pass or Personalized Employment Pass. 

Benefits of Singapore PR

Holding Singapore PR brings you a step closer to citizenship and offers several benefits. For example, you can change your job easily and omit the hassle of applying for a work permit. Moreover, you can enjoy lower Buyer Stamp Duty when purchasing your first property. Once you’re a Singapore PR, you can bring your family members to live in the country as long-term residents. This includes your spouse and children. You can also apply for the Long Stay Visa Pass for your parents. This is an excellent option for families who want to stay together and maintain a stable life in Singapore.

IPA letter

Once you have your IPA letter after your PR application has been approved, it is important to follow the requirements and complete all the required formalities. You can also start contributing to your CPF account, and registering your children in public schools. IPA letters are typically valid for two months, so you should finish your medical examination and declare your health status as soon as possible. It is also a good idea to organise all the verification documents in advance and book an appointment with ICA to complete the necessary paperwork. This will prevent any delays or complications. 


A decade ago, getting Singapore PR approval was much easier. ICA is not closing off to foreigners but they are tightening up their policies to ensure that new residents will integrate and contribute to Singapore. If you have enquiries on Singapore PR applications, call Immigration@SG at +65 6493 1830. Immigrations@SG was established in 2014 and with a team that has combined experience of 50 years, they are the best in the industry! Immigration@SG has successfully handled complex cases of clients from over 70 nationalities worldwide.