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How to Design Donut Boxes in Silver Foil Material at Its Best

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There is no iota of doubt in the fact that sensory packaging designs take the audience by surprise and leave impactful impressions. As the manufacturing options for sensory donut boxes are increasing, more and more confectioners are stepping out to use silver foils. Despite the overwhelmed popularity of silver foiling, there is still confusion about how one can best design the boxes with this foil. It has become the most talked-about topic among the confectioners which needs experts’ addressing. Here is what experts opine for the impeccable design of donut packages with premium and sensory silver foils. 

Opt for a smooth material:

When designing donut boxes, there are a lot of material options on the offer. You can choose any from simple cardboard to Kraft and corrugated cardboard. But when it comes to foiling, you need to be extra cautious with the material selection. The materials with a texture or unevenness are generally not a good option for laying the silver foils. The lesser the texture of the material, the smoother will be the foiling results. 

Conduct extensive research on the texture of all the available options for the materials and make a wise decision. The materials having a higher thickness are not a problem here. Generally, Kraft is rendered as the most suitable option as it does not limit down the smooth overlaying of the silver foils. If you are spot-on with the right material selection, your silver foiled box of donuts would have a distinct appearance and feel. 

Cater any misalignment:

In the digital silver foiling process of Pink donut boxes, there is always a slight movement when positioning the foil rightly. Although these movements vary from just 1mm to 3mm, they can cause misalignment in the packaging design. To overcome this issue, a general rule of thumb is to avoid using intricate patterns or artwork. Also, the size of typefaces used for printing must not be less than 8 pt. Anything less than that would make it difficult for you to stick the silver foil on the box in the best manner. Another thing to remember here is to keep the resolution of artwork higher. A poor resolution will affect the finish of your foils and they may lose their instant shine effect. The printed elements in the design must not be lower than a resolution of 300 dpi for perfect results. 

Select the right foiling process:

The two most common options available for applying silver foil in print are hot foil stamping and cold foiling. When viewed from an inexpert eye, it is almost impossible to differentiate between a cold foiled or hot stamped box. But, the truth is that they both differ in application and possess certain specifications that make them better for specific requirements. 

The fundamental difference between both processes lies in the coverage. The hot silver foil stamping is famous for providing great precision results when the intended foiling area of the box is smaller. The embossing can be done in line with the hot foil process to achieve an ultimate 3d look. If you wish to foil larger areas of the custom donuts packaging, the cold foil process can be a good option. For this specific process, embossing is entirely a separate function. So, know your needs first and then make a suitable selection of the foiling process. 

Think inside the box:

A lot of confectioners including the professional ones think of foil stamping the donut packages only from the exterior. Although it’s a good stratagem, ignoring the inside of the box doesn’t make any sense. Think a little creative and silver foil on the inside of the box as well. Embossing this foil will result in an ultimate unveiling experience that excites the customers brilliantly. Apart from elevating the experience, the foils will act as additional protective layers for the donuts. They will enhance the barrier properties of the box that will enable it to protect the donuts better.  Setting up donut sleeve Packaigng boxes with luxurious silver foils can be a little daunting. But it does not need to be if you are following the guidelines of the experts and specialists. Select the right material for them that has a smoother texture and then choose the right foiling method for the best results.