Electric drifting scooters

How to Choose the Best Electric Drifting Scooter

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Drifting scooters are fun and nostalgic rides that combine a trike’s fun with a go-cart’s fun. You may remember them if you grew up in the 90s. They’re low-built and great for sliding and drifting around driveways, quiet streets, and any blacktop surface. 

Electric drifting scooters have the same form factor you may remember as a kid, but they’re electrified and configured for teens and adults to ride on. They’re emissions-free, don’t require a license to operate, and are relatively easy to control, swing, and understand. You won’t need to balance as you would on an e-bike, and there’s something fun and nostalgic about riding around on one of these things as a full-grown, 30-year-old adult. 

What is the best electric drifting scooter for you? Let’s review some of the best sellers and see their benefits. 

Razor Crazy Cart XL

The Razor Crazy Cart XL has a retro design and simple, fun controls. Much like the go carts of yesteryear, the Razor Crazy Cart XL has a simple design and can be controlled with a handle. The drifts and spins are handled manually, and a 36-volt electric drive train handles the rest. 

It can go for up to 40 minutes on a single charge, and braking is accomplished simply by stepping off the accelerator. Engaging the drift bar allows the rider into Crazy Cart Mode and lets you drift like a pro. This fun, the easy ride will bring back waves of joy and nostalgia as you careen past your kids on the driveway.  

Razor DXT

The Razor DXT is a fun, well-built little machine for a more trike-like ride. It features a 36-volt drive train and handles very well. It’s sturdy, robust, and can handle up to 198 lbs. With a continuous drive time of up to 60 minutes, the Razor DXT can be enjoyed for quite a while before recharge and can send you barreling down the street at 15 miles per hour. The 500-watt electric motor is powerful enough for some impressive moves, and the rugged and balanced design will help you stay comfortable and safer as you ride. 

Mototec Drifter

The Mototec Drifter is another sleek, well-made trike-like ride that does well on slightly more rugged terrain and in driveways and parking lots. The mountain bike-style handlebars provide a good grip, and the thick wheels are ideal for drifts, speed, and having fun. This ride can support up to 240 lbs and is excellent for heavier adults. 

The 48-volt battery supplies anywhere from 10 to 20 miles of ride time (depending on user weight and throttle use). This drifting scooter is a bit more like an electric trike and can both drift and ride you to the convenience store. It’s a unique, hybrid-type vehicle that can perform well and go up to 22 miles per hour! 

Whichever electric drifting scooter you choose, have fun, be safe, wear a helmet, and enjoy every second of it. 

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