How To Choose The Best Cat Stroller For Your Cat From MEWCATS

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While many cats can be taught to walk on a leash, some prefer a stroller and enjoy touring the outdoors. This cat stroller offers a safe way to do just that! This stroller features three zippered entryways for accessing your cat from the front, side, or top. It also allows for ample ventilation, which is important for walks in warm and humid weather.


Double cat stroller are a great way to take your feline companion with you on walks and other outings. While they can be intimidating for some cats, with proper introduction and preparation, they can be the safest mode of transportation for your meowing pal. As with cat backpacks and leashes, it’s important to consider your feline’s personality and preferences when choosing a stroller. Some cats may prefer the snug embrace of a backpack, while others will thrive in a more spacious stroller.

For naughty cats who aren’t yet trained to go outside on leashes, a stroller can be an excellent training tool. It’s also a good option for larger or more restless cats who require more space to lounge and explore their surroundings. Look for a model with easy-lock latches instead of zippers, as this makes accessing your cat more hassle-free. Other safety features include top and front windows for a panoramic view, extra ventilation, and ample space to add pillows or blankets.


Cat strollers offer a lot more room than a cat carrier, so your feline can move around, stretch, and even lie down comfortably. Some even have windows at the front and back so they can enjoy the scenery on your walk together. A good quality cat stroller also has durable and sturdy wheels that can withstand outdoor terrains, such as gravel, mud, and bumps. They should be large enough for your pet to comfortably fit and have foot-activated brakes that ensure safety and control.

Those with cats or kittens that aren’t used to riding on leashes and harnesses can use a best cat stroller as an excellent training tool. Start with small trips around your neighborhood and gradually increase the length of time spent outdoors until your cat is acclimated to this new mode of transport. This will greatly improve their mental stimulation and enrichment, strengthening the bond between you. This is especially important if you’re planning on taking your cat to the vet, as they may be scared and anxious in an unfamiliar environment.

Easy To Use

Many cat owners struggle to introduce their feline friends to strollers, but with some patience and encouragement, most can get their kitty to become comfortable in the confined space. Begin by bringing the stroller into the home, let your cat investigate it, and give them treats while they are inside. Gradually take them on short trips outside, increasing the distance and duration over time.

Strollers are much easier to use than cat carriers, especially when taking multiple cats on walks. Moreover, they are perfect for older and disabled cats who need extra safety or cannot walk long distances on their own. In addition, they can also be used to transport cats for vet visits or visiting friends or family members. Many of these models are easy to fold and store, enabling them to fit into the trunk of your car. Besides, their 360-degree rotating wheels make the ride more comfortable, even on rough terrain. The top and front windows are also large enough to allow your pet to enjoy the scenery.


If you’re unsure whether a cat stroller is right for you, try out this budget-friendly model from BestPet. Its simple design and large, bike-style wheels make it easy to maneuver. It also features front and side mesh windows for your kitty to check out the sights. Its one-hand fold mechanism and lightweight frame make it a snap to pack up. Strollers can be pricier than cat carriers, but they’re a great alternative to walking your feline on a leash. They also allow sick and elderly cats to get outdoors safely without straining their bodies. The MEWCATS rolling cat carrier isn’t just a carrier; it’s a vessel that carries the essence of companionship, trust, and shared experiences.

Strollers that feature clasps or secure clips will last longer than those with zippers, which can tear easily. Also, look for a sturdy construction, plenty of ways for your cat to peek out, and safety straps to prevent them from jumping out. If possible, opt for strollers that are airline-approved for safe transport on flights. This will save you time and money in the long run.


When it comes to selecting the best cat stroller for your feline friend from MEWCATS, you’re not just choosing a mode of transportation, but a ticket to shared adventures and lasting memories. MEWCATS’ range of cat strollers offers a blend of comfort, safety, and style, tailored to cater to both your cat’s needs and your preferences. With careful consideration of factors like size, design, and ease of use, you can ensure that your chosen cat stroller becomes a cherished companion in every outdoor escapade.


Are MEWCATS cat strollers suitable for all types of cats?

MEWCATS cat strollers are designed with various sizes and breeds of cats in mind. Whether your cat is small or larger, active or more laid-back, there’s likely a suitable cat stroller option to accommodate their comfort and personality. Be sure to refer to the sizing guides and product details to choose the best fit.

Can I use a MEWCATS cat stroller for multiple cats?

Certainly! MEWCATS offers cat strollers designed to accommodate multiple cats comfortably. These strollers are spacious and secure, allowing multiple feline friends to enjoy the outdoor experience together. It’s essential to consider the size and comfort of your cats to ensure they all have ample space during the strolls.