Charge PS4 Controller Without a PS4

How To Charge A PS4 Controller Without A PS4

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Most new PS4 controllers come with a charge to the battery, but some of this charge may dissipate during shipping or storage. If you notice that your controller no longer holds a charge, try some of these tips to revive it. Purchase a charging station that is compatible with your controllers and your gaming system. Look for one that can charge both controllers simultaneously and features LED indicators to indicate the status of each.

Replace The Battery

The DualShock controller for the PlayStation 4 has a lot of useful and fun features that gamers enjoy using. While these features are great, the controllers also tend to use up batteries quickly and sometimes run out of power completely. It is important to replace the battery in your Charge PS4 Controller Without a PS4 regularly to keep it running smoothly. The battery is located on the back of the controller near the L2 trigger. You can purchase replacement batteries for the PS4 controller from a variety of places online and at your local electronics store.

A standard charger should work fine to charge your controller, but it can be more efficient to invest in a DualShock charging station. These devices come with built-in chargers for the DualShock controllers and are designed to hold them securely. These types of chargers have higher amperage ratings than the USB cables you might have for your mobile device or computer, and they can recharge your controllers faster as well.

Check The Connectors

Over time, the micro USB ports in the controller can wear out from repeatedly slipping in and out of the connector. This can cause inconsistent contact with the port, which may stop it from charging the battery or turning on the controller. A simple repair job can usually fix this problem. While it’s not a permanent solution, plugging a keyboard into the USB ports of your PS4 can make it function like a controller. The console will recognize the device and ask which profile you want to use it with.

You can also organize games on your PlayStation by sorting them by Recently Used or Install Date. This can clean up the tabs under This PS4 and [Your Name], making it easier to find titles you’ve played or installed lately. To do this, go to the Settings menu and select Power Save Settings. Then choose Rest Mode from the list of options. This keeps the console in a lower-power state but still allows it to charge your controllers and other USB devices.

Clean The Ports

Organize Video Game Consoles have become a staple in many households, with gamers logging hours upon hours playing their favourite titles. As such, consoles can collect dust and sweaty “gunk” on their surfaces, and controllers can lose their smooth operation after hours of use. In some cases, these problems may be caused by dirty ports. To clean your PS4 controller’s ports, begin by making sure it is completely powered off. You should also unplug the HDMI and AC power cables from the console.

Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol, and carefully rub it over any openings on your controller where dirt can hide. This can include the USB charging port and other smaller ports on your controller, like the speaker grills or the face buttons. If you’re uncomfortable with disassembling your controller, try cleaning the ports with a can of compressed air. Be careful not to blow any dirt deeper into the system, however. This can damage the circuitry inside.

Repair Or Replace The Controller

If your controller is acting strangely, you may need to replace it. If it slips in and out of its micro USB port too easily, the plug may have worn down to the point where consistent contact is impossible. While you can repair a PS4 controller with a small breakout board and some filing, it’s generally more cost-effective to purchase a new one. If the problem persists, try resetting the controller. This is a simple process, but it requires a paper clip or pin that you can use to press and hold a recessed reset button in the bottom of the controller for 3-7 seconds. This may fix the problem and restore the functionality of the pad.

Some third-party controllers offer unique features that make your gaming experience even better. However, they can also come with flaws such as dead zones in the thumbsticks and breakable components. If you’re considering a third-party controller, do some research before making your final decision.


Whether you’re tired of constantly replacing batteries or your controller is no longer charging, it’s time to invest in a dual charging station. These devices offer several benefits, including faster charging times, LED indicators, and compatibility with a wide range of accessories.