How Local SEO Helps Small Businesses Thrive In Post-pandemic World

How Local SEO Helps Small Businesses Thrive In Post-pandemic World

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Singapore is one of the most highly developed and thriving free-market economies in the world. But like all the other nations, the tiny Southeast Asian nation also encountered hurdles brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Plenty of small businesses had to scramble online to continue their existence and serve their customers safely. Due to the influx of local businesses working their way on the Internet, they need the help of their trusted SEO agency in Singapore to get ahead of the competition. 

Now that the business landscape seems to be recovering after the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine and other measures to get life back after the pandemic, it is important to ensure that the customers will have an easier time finding your business online. Working on your local SEO strategies could be your best solution to face the post-pandemic world. 

What Can You Get From Local SEO

Since customers are stuck at their homes due to travel restrictions, they are making more location-based searches to find everything they need. The search queries usually include “near me” in their keyword searches.

Recent statistics revealed that 46% of searches in Google are intended for local businesses. It also mentioned that 28% of local searches result in completing a purchase. 

Because of the effectiveness of local SEO, your competitors use it as part of their overall SEO strategy. If you are not using this tactic, you will find your competitors on top of the search engine ranking pages while your site remains in the lower part of the page. 

Here are several ways that local SEO can help your business recover from the difficulties brought by the pandemic. 

#1: Utilise Google My Business 

A major step in ensuring that your business in Singapore will reach the top of the local Google search is to create and verify your Google My Business listing. You can sign up on its website and include all the relevant details regarding your company, then link your website to the profile. 

After completing the listing, you will get an email from Google containing a code that you must enter into your profile to verify and finalise the listing. It will help boost your chances to appear on top of the rankings significantly.  

#2: Create Local Content

Launching a business blog featuring local information can be ideal for connecting with your customers and boosting your local SEO results. The blog will let Google have more web pages to index. It also helps maintain your site’s activity and offers more information that will encourage your users to stay longer on the website. 

Your blog post must cover local events, news stories happening around your community, or anything happening in your industry. Aside from attracting users to visit your site, it will also get the attention of search engine crawlers to get you on top of the local business listing.  

#3: Hire a Trustworthy SEO Agency

While some business owners may choose to do SEO tasks by themselves to cut costs, it may not be a good idea because you have other responsibilities to fulfil to run the business. Working with a good SEO agency in Singapore could be an ideal way to help you maximise your local SEO efforts. 

SEO professionals are trained to provide customised solutions to boost your search engine standings. These experts could also provide unique action plans that could help your business achieve its online goals.  

The effects of the pandemic may leave a mark on your business’s operation. But you can surpass all the challenges with the help of effective local SEO strategies to boost your online presence and reach as many customers as possible.