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Hot offer in the Winter Get domain hosting for only 20 BDT!

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There is nothing to be fooled by the title. DeshiWebHost, a successful freelancer platform and also the best hosting company. title. DeshiWebHost offer for just 20 bucks in 2020. When talking to two successful freelancer establishments, Qasim Uddin Mashum and Mahmudul Hasan Khan, they said that “successful freelancer is the only online freelancing school in Bangladesh. Our site will be unloaded next night, but we have already started activities through our Facebook group. So on the launch of our website, we have arranged the largest domain offer in Bangladesh. Because of the fact that freelancers have a huge portfolio website, we had an old offered domain hosting on December 3 for only 5 bucks and 5 bucks.

We are co-hosting the best hosting company Code for Host in the country and another company called Limda Host. But the previous time we had some limit on the offer, this time we have increased the offer limit. This time we have a company called DeshiWebHost.

When talking to DeshiWebHost CEO Saidur Rahman about the offer, he said, “We have been working in the overseas market for the last six years so we are working with the Bangladeshi market this time.” And we are delighted to be able to work with such an organization as a successful freelancer. Hopefully, we will ensure the best service for all freelancers.

Now, the customer asked Kasim Uddin to answer such a question. Where we are offering our group of members, we will give the coupon details of this offer with our group successful freelancer on the 5th. Click here to join the Successful Freelancer Group.

Will Domain Hosting be Available for just 20 Bucks or is there more?

In answer to such a question, Mahmudul Hasan said We ‘ll give you a .xyx domain for 10 bucks. At the same time, you will be hosting 1GB of shares for 500 bucks. As well as keeping in mind the customer needs, we are offering 80% huge offers on all packages of DeshiWebHost including .com domain. And we have some more special gifts on offer. For example, he said that for domain members there is a website to win, including mobile free, as well as a free .com domain for all members.

Other services from DeshiWebHost Deshi Web Host Provide you the best web hosting service. Deshi Web Host provides SSD Hosting with High-quality security and 99.99% up-time. Deshi Web Host is the top Domain and Hosting provider in Bangladesh. Hosting BD ensures 24/7 customer service and money-back guaranty.

Reporter: Al Mahmud