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In an era of the 21st century, where everyone is revolving around gadgets from smartphones to tablets and from PC to laptops. Meanwhile, laptops are one of the biggest necessities of people. It is not only used for designing the web at work, neither for making research paper, instead, it is also used to play music, and watch a movie. Everyone has their own preference according to the taste of an individual. There is some guidance on how to buy a laptop?If you want to buy a new or used equipment you can browse  surplus network. Here are the best laptop stands buying guide.


There are three types of laptops

  • Windows
  • MacBook
  • Chrome book


Windows is initiated with good graphic interference. It is the first invented server used in computers back in 1953. With the passage of time, it has been updated with new versions and some new tools in it. An updated version, windows 10 was introduced which was similar to windows 7 and 8. It comes with the ability to swap tablets to desktop with the revamped start menu and a high-quality digital assistant Cortana.


MacBook is the brand merging power books and iBook lines introduced by apple. The operating system of the MacBook is similar to window 10 with some changes. There are two line MacBook Air and MacBook pro. All the apple desktop consist of Mac OS Mojave. As the app docs are at the bottom of the screen then the window taskbar and, instead of Cortana, the digital assistant of MacBook is Siri.


Chrome books are similar to the windows and MacBook, but the main role of this laptop is google chrome. Just like window 10, it has a taskbar and you can drag your documents as well but you can not function more without an internet connection. You can just search out things, check your emails but can not play games, it’s relatively not made up for game lovers because of its less storage.


2 in 1 PC is referred to as laptop and tablets both as it comes with a detachable screen that either has the keyboard and a screen that can move 360. You can either use it as a desktop or use it as a tablet. There are hinges that help it in rotating 360 degrees.


To choose the size of the screen is the choice of an individual. Small screens are light in weight and easier to carry rather than the large screen has some other abilities. The screen differs from 11inches to 16 inches with different prices and brands. 11 to 12 inches comprises light and easy to carry with you anywhere. 15 inches screen laptops are the one mostly used as it’s of the size and the functions it carries. The widest screen is 17 to 18 inches which is basically used for playing games and workstation but difficult to carry.


If you are in daily use of laptops then you should definitely opt for that one which has an adequate keyboard. You should check the quality of the keys having generous space when being typed. The arrow keys should be responsive enough to be used at once or in dim light. The size of the keys should be fair enough to be used.


The main features you want in a laptop are:


The central processing unit is known as the brain of the laptop. If you click on something, the brain will tell what to do, so choosing a laptop CPU is the main consult. Intel core processing is the one running your computer and helps in multitasking. You can choose from the core i3 is basically found in the beginners’ system. Core i5 is the next level of it and mostly used. Core i7 is used by the one who is working and wants the best from their laptop.


The most important thing in the laptop is RAM. Some years ago, save doesn’t matter. It was 8 GB before, but now 32 GB is the hit and you are a gamer then go for 64 GB. The more RAM the more price it will have.


Storage is the foremost part of a good laptop you are investing in. But now everyone looks for the internal storage SSD rather than the portable hard disks. The internal storage did not affect the speed of the laptop and it does not hang.


In modern times, the resolution of a display is as much important as storage. Some laptops still have low-resolution displays but if you want to see something in good colors then invest in for.

Graphic chip

It is high time for some good graphics to be seen. But, if you are fond of games then you should be in need of a special graphic chip AMD. It has two qualities with high and low.


The more the ports, the better the laptop it is. The 3 USB port and the port for HDMI for video. If there is a c type port then it’s a good advantage that it can be connected to any of the adapters.


What is it, if the battery is not good for the thing you invested in? If you are 24/7 working on the laptop then the battery of the laptop should be 8 hours plus. But if you just use it weekly then nothing to worry about. Don’t believe in the box, just look out for the reviews by different resources and then chose your laptop.


Find something that comes under your budget. This is the time, where you can find inexpensive as well as the most expensive laptops in the market. If you just want a notebook to check emails and stalk on Facebook, then it is for $200. The more specs you see the higher the price it will have. But it’s up to you to find out the best laptop for yourself with all the specs.

This is just the theory about the guideline of buying a laptop but you will get the one by exploring around.

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