Girl Worn Georgette Kurti

All About Georgette Kurtis

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Kurti is one of the most popular traditional clothing wear items of India. One of the reasons for its unmatched popularity is its versatile nature, as Kurtis can be worn on any occasion.

There are many types of Kurtis, the difference is mostly in their fabric. One of the most premium fabrics used in Kurtis is georgette, and Kurtis made with this fabric are called “Georgette Kurtis”.

Georgette is a thin, lightweight fabric, generally used to make designer dresses.

Georgette is made with silk too, the difference is, it is made with highly twisted yarns, making it premium and distinct from other products. It is used to make Kurtis, blouses, dresses, gowns, and saris.

What is the Speciality Of Georgette Kurtis?

Georgette Kurtis are made using the original silk, and threaded in a very delicate manner. The knitting of Georgette Kurtis is done in S- and Z- twist yarns.

It helps make the cloth springier and less lustrous. Some other Georgette Kurtis are made using synthetic fibre, making them less delicate to damage.

Since the georgette fabric is so delicate, Georgette Kurti is best used during summers. Another feature of Georgette Kurti is that they are made in solid colours and prints only.

Georgette Kurtis hangs loosely on the body. Their lightweight and subtle transparency make the person wearing them look elegant and beautiful.

Women also wear Georgette Kurtis as they are very comfortable, and because of their lightweight fabric, they do not absorb heat and let the air pass through.

You won’t have to worry about getting sweaty while doing any work or while you are having fun at parties.

You can look graceful and classy in your designer georgette Kurti and be comfortable at the same time.

What are Other Types of Fabrics Used in Kurtis?

Kurtis are made with all kinds of fabrics, the most popular of which is cotton.

Other than cotton, Kurtis are also made with silk, which gives the cloth a rich and traditional look.

Then there are Georgette and Chiffon, which differ in their knitting practices, but are originally made using silk.

  • Cotton is used in making daily wear, or casual wear Kurtis. It is very comfortable and soft. Another advantage of cotton is that you can easily dye your cotton Kurti in different colours.
  • Silk, as mentioned above is light weighed and more traditional material used for making premium or designer Kurtis. There are several varieties of silk in the market, which differ based on the region they have been made. Like Mysore and Banarasi Silk are different and cost different. 
  • Georgette is one of the most popular premium fabrics used in the making of Kurtis. It is originally made from silk but differs in its knitting process, which is explained in detail above. It is subtly transparent and is very light-weighted, making it perfect for wearing on special occasions.
  • Chiffon is also a specialized silk product like Georgette used in making premium Kurtis. Unlike, Georgette silk, which is light-weighted and cannot be dyed into different colours, you can dye Chiffon-made Kurtis in any colour you prefer. It also makes chiffon more customizable and adjustable.

These were some of the most popular varieties of fabric used in making Kurtis.

While cotton and silk are the original raw materials used, georgette and chiffon are specialized products made via silk.

What Occasions are Best for Wearing Georgette Kurtis?

Georgette Kurtis are delicate and therefore not recommended for daily or casual use. They can be worn in family functions of all kinds, or during poojas and rituals.

Georgette silk is comfortable and does not heat the body, but it is extremely delicate and needs to be handled with care.

Georgette Kurtis are of various types, like Printed Georgette Kurti, Embellished and Embroidered Georgette Kurtis, Long, and Short Georgette Kurtis, Ombre Georgette Kurtis, Flared Georgette Kurtis, etc.

All these different types of Georgette Kurtis can suit you for all kinds of occasions.


Georgette Kurtis have been in trend in the market for the past few years, because of their designer look, and shiny colour.

There are dozens of varieties of Georgette Kurtis available in the market that you can choose from for different occasions.

Cotton Kurtis are soft and comfortable, which is why they are used for daily use, while Georgette Kurtis gives you a rich look and suits auspicious occasions.

Another important feature of Georgette is that this is the fabric that designers use for designing Kurtis.

So, if you are looking to purchase a high-priced designer Kurti of a popular fashion designer, then you are looking for a Georgette Kurti.

It is popular with both girls and women, so if you are looking for a good-looking Kurti for any occasion or function, you can go with a Georgette Kurti.